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Factory News

Release on2022-06-23
A seal wants plums...Read More>>
Release on2022-04-02
We'll have 3 days vacation,if you have any demand please mail us,we'll proceed after we back to work. And wear mask all the time when you are in pub......Read More>>
Release on2022-03-28
Dear friend We'll have live show on 29th March(tomorrow) Welcome to visit our Living Room and watch. ...Read More>>
Release on2022-03-16
Yesterday, our company is active to build a team,50MemberspassedGeyonThis, We went to Liangzihu lake and climbed a mountain, we saw that many peach fl......Read More>>
Release on2021-11-19
Thanks to all customers for their trust and support for the products of Rviton floating seals, because of you, we can have a perfect 2021. New Year gi......Read More>>
Release on2021-07-16
Huangshi Rviton Machinery Company has been specializing in manufacturing floating oil seals for 17 years. Let us walk into Rviton and learn about Rvit......Read More>>
Release on2020-09-02
Floating seals are simple products, consisting of two components: a seal ring made of special cast iron and a rubber component (O-ring). Huangshi Rvi......Read More>>
Release on2020-04-29
Dear all, According to the Regulation of National Annual Leaves and the company production schedule, the 2020 May day holiday will happen as: 1. The h......Read More>>
Release on2020-01-13
The Chinese New Year is approaching, and the company decided that tomorrow is our last working day, so the 19-day holiday starts from January 15 to Fe......Read More>>
Release on2019-11-12
In order to easily cope with the record of the Double Eleven and meet the needs of customers for the use of floating oil seals, the company has expand......Read More>>
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