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Factory Add. : Luoqiao Industrial Zone, Lingxiang Town, Huangshi, Hubei, China Office : 1004, Block 5, Yijing Square, No.3 Tianjin Road , Hua...
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Factory Add. : Luoqiao Industrial Zone, Lingxiang Town, Huangshi, Hubei, China Office : 1004, Block 5, Yijing Square, No.3 Tianjin Road , Hua...Contact Now

Factory News

Huangshi Rviton Machinery Ltd. is a professional factory on floating seal, founded in 2004. Our factory absorb the Italian GNL advanced technology of production as many years and research and experience, we have a special system to reach different customers requirement. 

Customers Design and Small Quantity Trial Orders are welcomed. We are doing my best to reach your requirement in good service, reputation and faith for long and strong relationship. 
We sincerely welcome you to join us. 

Out products are selling nationally worldwide, such as USA, Italy, France, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia ,Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries for few years.We have 8 years experience in trading service. 

The inner diameter of floating seal is from 50-1,000mm. Now my factory have two production line: one is for forgeable piece, hardness is HRC58-62, worktime is 5000HRS; the other is for cast, hardness is HRC62-68, worktime is 8000HRS. There are four different types: stander type, XY type, L type and iron plate type. 

Floating seals are simple products, consisting of two components: a seal ring made of special cast iron and a rubber component (O-ring/gasket). In use, two identical seals make a pair. The seal ring, which is a sliding component, is not in contact with the shaft since it is sustained by the rubber component, and therefore follows the radial and thrusting motions of the shaft closely. 

Since they were developed for slurry applications, seal rings are made of an extremely hard, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material. The rubber component presses the seal ring's sliding surfaces and also serves as a seal. Therefore, it is made of a material that is highly resistant to cold temperatures and heat with little compression set for a longer useful life. 

Main uses of floating seals include crawler rollers, travel drives and idlers of construction and agricultural machinery, and also for conveyors, mixers and various digging machines. In other words, they are used widely in relatively low-speed applications exposed to foreign matter.