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New 87571954 Travel Motor and Final Drive Seal groupNew 87571954 Travel Motor and Final Drive Seal groupNew 87571954 Travel Motor and Final Drive Seal groupNew 87571954 Travel Motor and Final Drive Seal group

New 87571954 Travel Motor and Final Drive Seal group

  • Type: Standard type
  • Part#: 87571954
  • MOQ: 1 SET
  • Stock: Yes
  • Process: Forge
  • Hardness: HRC58-65
  • Life-span: 5000hours
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • Color: Black
  • Metal:  Steel GCR15
  • Rubber: NBR

New 87571954 Travel Motor and Final Drive Seal group 

1 Set Consist of two metal seal rings and two rubber seals  
Weight 1.30 KG
OEM Part#


Material GCR15 Steel& NBR60 rubber
Lifetime 5000 hours
FOB Any port of China ( C&F / DDU delivery terms also offered)

Outside: Standard export carton.

Inside: nuetral box with shrink film.

Print / Label: part Nr / log / size upon your request

Warranty 18 months

Model No   Part No. contact floatingseal04@rvton.com to check the part and price     
215, 225B, 229D, 235, 245, E200B, E320B, D5B, D6C, D7E, D9G, D10N
9W7207,9W7213, 1862892, 6S3285, OR5934, 5P0373; 9W7331, 9W7331, 8p1857, 9G5339, 9W6670; 9W3732, 9G5345,9W6690; 1474474; 2M2858, 9W7223, 0787331, 1715883, 1M3098, 7T5504, 8E8340, 9S3521, 9W5224, 9W7216,9W7218, OR5930, 5K6191; 1M8747, 1715882, 1757513, 3A9169, 6Y0925,8E8338, 8H2229,9S3522, 9W6647, OR5931, 4S8984,9W6648; 1M8746, 0964294,2N4074,2T0146, 8E8341,8H2230, 9S3523, 9W2142, 9W7220, 9W7222, 8S5656, 9W7224; 1M8748, 8E8342, 8H2231, 9S3524, 9W2201,9W2201,9W7225, 9W7227, OR5933; 1M8748, 8E8342, 8H2231, 9S3524, 9W2201,9W2201,9W7225, 9W7227, OR5933,2P3395, 3P1848, 5P7143, 5P7144, 9W7230; 7M0481, 146028A1, 1916664, 4C1494, 6T8436, 7M0480, 7X2169, 8P1857, 9G5313, 9S4298, 9W6668, 9W6669, 6T3377, 6T9985, 9W6677, 9W6678, 5P3400; 4K6049, 4K0174,6T8440, 9G5311, 9S4297, 9W6666, 9W6667, 9W6717, 9W6675, 5P0376, 6T2981, 6T9984, 9W6676; 5M1176,1840931,4M2621, 6T8438, 9G5315, 9S4299, 9W6671, 9W6672, 9W6681, 3T6541, 5P0374, 6T9986; 5M8647, 1715897, 6T8435, 9G5317, 9S4300, 9W6684, 9W6685, 9W6694, 5P1605, 6T2815, 9W2619, 9W4650; 5M1177, 1372429, 1715898, 1744873, 4M0659, 6T8437, 9G5319, 9S4301, 9W6688, 9W6689; 9W6691, 1458032, 3T9117, 6P3594, 6P3595, 9G5345, 9W4651, 9W6690, 9W6697, 9W6698; 1P7249, 3P0433, 4S5001, 5P9121, 6Y5219, 7S1527, 9S4294, 9W7228, 1C9319, 5P7146, 6Y5218, 9W7231; 9G5341, 6T8439, 9W6673, 9W6674, 9W6680, 9W6616; 2N4080, 5K5126, 9S4295, 9W6645,5K5288, 5P0375, 6Y2194, 9W6646; 5K1078, 1686384, 5K1069, 9S4296, 9W7211,9W7215, 8L5516; 5M7294, 4M0735, 6T8434, 9G5321, 9S4302, 9W6692, 9W6693,9W6699, 3P1850, 3T8500, 9W2623, 9W4652;6T8433 / 2134737 / 1326141, 1330441, 1372428, 4D4510, 6T4316, 9G5323, 9W6620 / 9W 7202, 1326241, 9W3956, 9W6619;9W7209, 3S0303, 9W7214;9W6686,1330526, 1953070, 6Y0859, 6Y0860, 8P1252, 9G5343, 9W5977, 6Y6277, 9W6696;9W6630, 1306889, 1637368, 1733071, 5P0991, 6Y0857, 9G5347, 6Y6275;1090885, 1483533;1744874,1141497
PC200, PC300, PC400,
D30, D31A, D40, D50, D65 D75, D80, D135, D475  D155,

110-30-00085,110-30-14262,110-30-00045,140-30-00040,140-30-00041,140-30-00141,130-30-B0400,141-30-00610,141-30-00616,141-30-00615,144-30-B0100,141-30-26090,20Y-30-00070,20Y-30-00090,20Y-30-15210,150-30-00035,154-30-00830,154-30-00831,154-30-00035,154-30-12271,154-30-00833,154-30-00832,170-27-12510,150-30-12220,175-30-00900,170-30-00210,175-30-00070,175-30-00702,175-30-00700,175-30-36273,170-30-00110,175-30-00701,175-30-16125,20Y-30-00410,20Y-30-00041,20Y-30-00430,22U-30-00060,22B-30-00030,204-30-00041,22Y-30-16211,205-30-00220,20Y-30-00040,20Y-30-00050,205-30-00050,101-27-00010,195-30-00870,205-30-00052,205-30-00061,205-30-00051,205-30-00230,20Y-30-00100,20Y-30-13210,10Y-30-00100,204-30-00100,20Y-30-00101,130-27-00020,130-27-00021,130-27-B0200,195-30-00300,141-27-00015,150-27-00015,150-27-00017,150-27-24260,150-27-00016,150-27-24250,207-30-00101,207-30-00121,207-30-00111,198-30-00072,198-30-16612,170-27-00010,198-30-00073,198-30-00070,170-27-12330,170-27-12340,100-27-00030,175-27-00121,175-27-32711,21T-30-00110,175-27-00102,175-27-00120,100-27-11330,180-27-00021,180-27-00022,180-27-00023,180-27-00024,180-27-00020,205-27-00040,195-27-00041,195-27-12752,21N-30-00040,207-27-00010,21T-30-00140,130-27-00140,130-27-00012,130-27-00010,130-27-B0100,141-27-00010,141-27-00025,20Y-27-00110,14X-27-00100,566-33-00010,14x-27-00211,14X-27-00201,14X-27-00101,14X-27-00120,150-27-00029 ,150-27-00410,150-27-00330,150-27-00264,14S-27-00110,150-27-00025,150-27-00027,150-27-24130,150-27-00028,150-27-00026,150-27-00262,150-27-00270,150-27-24120,207-27-00510,170-27-00020,170-27-00023,170-27-00024,170-27-00025,170-27-00110,170-27-00111,170-27-00120,170-27-12511,150-27-00025,423-33-00020,423-33-00021,170-27-00021,195-27-00022,207-27-00310,421-33-00050,170-27-00053,170-27-00051,170-27-12513,170-27-12512,17M-27-00101,150-30-22211,170-27-12520,175-27-00130,17M-27-00121,287-33-00010,17M-27-00102,421-33-00020,425-33-00110,425-33-00111,17M-27-00100,208-27-00210,208-27-00211,208-27-00140,567-33-00023,421-33-00021, 195-27-00102, 195-27-00101, 195-27-00170, 195-27-00201, 195-27-00100, 568-33-00016, 568-33-00015, 428-33-00021, 428-33-00022, 209-27-00160, 195-27-00121
Hitachi EX200
4176379, 4110358, 4128201, 4508192, 4128201, 4508192, 4060222, 4110359, 4512571, 4060225, 4047279,4104605, 4110360, 4153468, 4163731, 4068433, 4153711, 4163711, 4110362, 4153732, 4508193, 4056360,4111361, 4507221, 4642180, 4110366, 4110367, 4513173, 4092483, 4082631, 4110368, 4110369, 4114753,4634693, 4514259, 4179741, 4066695, 4317584, 4138544, 4082698, ZAX200-5G, XKAH-00916, XKAQ-00219, XKAH-01012,4177260, 4110363 
Kobelco SK40 R45P0018D, R45P0018D6, 45P0018D18, R45P00018D9, R45P0018D25, R45P0018D12, R45P0018D27, R45P0018D13, R45P0018D14, R45P0018D15, R45P0018D16, R45P0018D18, R45P0018D29, R45P0018D21, YN53D00008S023, R45P0018D22, R45P0018D28
Cat Seal Group For Dozer Sprocket 9W7215
Size:38 mm to1000 mm
Crossovers to Komatsu / Hitachi / CAT / Kobelco / Kubota / Volvo / Fiat Allis

Applied to:                                                                                                                               
Construction / Agricultural / Mining equipment
undercarriage rollers- track rollers / front idlers/ final drives/ travel motors / tunnel boring machines

Packaging & shipping                                                                                                                       

- Outside: Standard export carton.

Inside: Inner box. Each set will be placed in the vacuum bag.

Wood pallet / wood case free of charge 

- Shipping via air forwarder/ sea forwarder/ DHL/ UPS/ FEDEX/ TNT...

Cat Seal Group For Dozer Sprocket 9W7215

 New 87571954 Travel Motor and Final Drive Seal group

Company Information:                                                                                                               

We are China leading floating seals manufacturer, specialized in prodcucing floating seals for 15 years. We can offer your good floating seals with reasonable factory offer.

1, Steel GCR15 and Cast iron 15CR3MO metal rings to meet your different need.

2, NBR60, silicone, viton and HNBR rubber o rings are offered.

3, Crossover to Komatsu, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Kobelco, Volvo, Goetze, Trellborg, GNL

4, Regular stock for quick delivery. 


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