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Final drive spare parts 320-8917 floating seal manufacturerFinal drive spare parts 320-8917 floating seal manufacturerFinal drive spare parts 320-8917 floating seal manufacturerFinal drive spare parts 320-8917 floating seal manufacturer

Final drive spare parts 320-8917 floating seal manufacturer

  • 1.New Aftermarket parts
  • 2.Material:Steel 100CR6 + NBR60
  • 3.Metal Hardness:58-62 HRC
  • 4.Rubber Hardness:60-65°
  • 5.Lifetime:3000-5000 hours
  • 6.Warranty:18 months
  • 7.Stock offered
  • 8.Packing:Shrink films + Inner box + standard export carton + wood pallet + wood box

Final drive spare parts 320-8917 floating seal manufacturer

One set Consists of two metal seal rings and two rubber rings
Material 100CR6 steel+NBR60
Warranty 18 months
Stock Available
FOB Wuhan ,Shanghai ,Qingdao ,Ningbo ,Shenzhen ,Xiamen
Package Shrink films +inner box + standard export carton + wood pallet + wood box
Application Constuction machinery ,farm machinery ,coal mining machinery

Mechanical face seals are precisioncomponents, the smallest of material and design details can influence the quality.The metal
ring is processed by CNC machine,the fine precision increase O-ring gripping ability,eliminating O-ring sliding,ensure runs

Polishing attained by lapping process.The surface flatness of Rvton products is within 3 light bands of Optical interference of monochromatic light., our standard of the working surface roughness is ≤Ra 0.1μm  

Floating seals are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear.
Specifically engineered for heavy duty, rotating applications, floating seals are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear.It Is four types floating seals: Standard Type / XY-type / L type / iron plate type

1.Metal:Steel Gcr15/100cr6 and cast iron 15Cr3Mo
METAL Steel Gcr15/ 100Cr6 Cast 15Cr3Mo
Surface smoothness/roughness     ≤Ra0.2μm 6.3-12.5μm
Work face smoothness ≤Ra0.15μm ≤Ra0.1μm
Pressure loading ≤0.15MPa ≤0.3 MPa
Forging line speed 2m/s 3m/s
Temperature range -100~200°C -40~160°C
Hardness (HRC) 58-62 62-68
Lifetime (Hours) 3000-5000 5000-8000

2.Rubber ring: NBR60, silicone and FKM rubber rings
Hardness 60°-65° 60°-65° 72°-78° 
Minimum tensile strength 11MPa 10.6MPa 11MPa 
Minimum elongation at break 300% 400% 260%
Permanent deformation 12% 8% 25%
Temperature range -42℃-120℃ -49℃-230℃ -30℃-250℃
Specific Gravity 1.25 1.2 1.8

-Heavy Industry: Mining, Construction, Agriculture

-Tracked Vehicles: excavators, bulldozers, tractors, trucks ...


-conveyor system


-Travel Engines, final drives, track rollers, idlers ..

Final drive spare parts 320-8917 floating seal manufacturer

  Machines  Part#
Komatsu  numbers 110-30-00085  110-30-00045  141-30-00610  140-30-00040  140-30-00141   170-30-00110  170-30-00210  175-30-00070  175-30-00700  20Y-30-00040   130-27-00020  150-27-00025  150-27-00026  150-27-00027  204-30-00041   20Y-30-00100  150-30-00035  154-30-00035  154-30-00830  154-30-00832    154-30-00833  170-27-00010  198-30-00072  21T-30-00110  198-30-00072   423-33-00020  423-33-00021  205-30-00052  14X-27-00100  205-30-00050   22B-30-00030  195-27-00022  175-27-00120  175-30-00900  20Y-30-00430   22U-30-00060  20Y-30-13210  204-30-00100  198-30-00140 195-27-00100    568-33-00016  TZES 100-154S
Caterpillar numbers 9G5311  9W6666  1M8747  9W6647  5M1176  6T8433  9G5315  9W6671  9W6680  9W7220  8E5609  9W7225  6P3595  9G5345  9W6690  9W6691  9W7216  2M2858  9W7223  9W6691  1P7249  5P7146  9W7243  7M0481  5P0204  7T0159   9W6651  9W7233  7T0157  108-6997  5P0373  9W7213  9P9663  8E2042  9W6694  9W3732  9W7201  9W7202  9W6620  9W6619  9W3956 169-6442 6Y0855  9W7204  6Y0856  9G5349  3144128  205-9025 9W7204  6Y0856  9G5349  1796862  1796863  145-6034  9W6644  9W6822  3T6602  365-4920  2627244  3176441  9W7206  1796864  1C9748  1456035  3144130  1791292  
Hitachi  numbers 4176379  4110358  4128201  4508192  4128201  4508192  4060222  4110359  4512571  4060225  4047279  4104605  4110360  4153468  4163731  4068433  4153711  4163711  4110362  4153732  4508193  4056360  4111361  4507221  4642180  4110366  4110367  4513173  4092483  4082631  4110368  4110369  4114753  4634693  4514259  4179741  4066695  4317584  4138544  4082698  ZAX200-5G           XKAH-00916  XKAQ-00219  XKAH-01012 4245703  4200413  4350347  4344155  4082698 
Kobelco numbers 58845-01500  R45P0018D2  R45P0018D3  TD00348/17  R45P0018D4  5691020160   MT4000-7918  R45P0018D6  JB5680  619-89900440  71418383  05/9038111  180-00512  CR3069  XZ993774  MT40211881  R45P0018D21  R45P0018D25  TD0352/04  0964294  5691020340  5691020530  R45P0018D12  2445Z1110  R45P0018D27  TD00611/02  R45P0018D13  UK 5500  R45P0018D14  R45P0018D14  204-50805000  R45P0018D29    RG-30  OK5110H-25  JB5820  619-95032001  R45P0018D20  760S247F  JS2650S  YN53D00008S023  LQ15V00020S067  R45P0018D22  760S297FS  YN15V00037S029  11.3209  24100U1743S24  R45P0018D23  58845-20500  U14568  45P0018D18  R45P00018D9  988430  R45P0018D9  20306  U16184  2445Z1109  HEL-127 A2  

1.Using specialized tools installation: The pressure will apply to the O-ring directly. As shown, the special tool is mounted between the metal floating ring and the rubber ring, toward the seat hole, the rubber ring is evenly pressed into the hole.

2.Other installation methods: One auxiliary O-ring is fixed between the conical ring surface of the floating oil seal and sealing O-ring (as shown). The ring of the floating oil seal is applied uniformly by pressure and the auxiliary O-ring braces the sealing O-ring to ensure the other correct mounting positions.

-Outside:Standard export carton
-Inside:Inner box .Each set will be placed in the pp bag tidily
-Wood pallet free of charge
-Cusmized packing with your logo is welcome

  By sea---Heavy cargo by container transport, FOB Wuhan ,Shanghai ,Qingdao ,Ningbo ,Shenzhen ,Xiamen Port.


Air to the port---For goods above 100KG, it is economic choice for customers.

International Express---Such as DHL,TNT, FEDEX,UPS,EMS and so on.It is the best choice for sample order.Your consignee account is welcome.

1.Reliable design, simple installation
2.Low cost, high efficiency
3.Longer, working lifetime
4.Automatically compensate eccentricity of the shaft
5.Self-repair lapping sealing surface

Hitachi 4110358 Seal Group for EX200-1 excavator

-Are you factory ?
Yes.15years factory in Hubeiprovince ,China
-How do you control the quality ?
100% inspect the size four times in the manufacturing process before a seal is exported
-How long to make a shipment ?
In 2 days with stocks ,2-5 weeks according to your purchasing quantities if no stocks
-Can i buy one to try ?
Yes.We offer trial order and sample order for quality evaluation
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