Good seal group of Rvton

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Good seal group of Rvton

  • 1.coloer ring: black / blue / red / custom.
  • 2. Material: Metail 100Cr6 / Gcr15 / E52100 / 534A99 / SUJ2 + NBR / silicone / rubber ring Viton.
  • 3.Size: Internal Diameter 30mm - 1000mm.
  • 5.Package: packed in shrink wrap, plastic bags and carton boxes on the outside and wood pallets.And to meet packaging needs.
  • 6.Process seal of forging and casting.
  • 7.Output: 50000pcs per month
  • 8.Shipping: Shanghai, Guangzhou or any port on request.
  • 9.Warranty: 18 months after delivery.
  • Product Details

Rvton floating seal, called the seal faces, etc.
It consists of two metal rings and two o-rings 

Rvton Seal Group:

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China Rvton floating seal for contruction vehicles manufacturer

Rvton floating seal for contruction vehicles

Rvton floating seal :
1. A factory founded in 2004.
2. two production line:
    a. one is for forgeable piece 100Cr6, hardness is HRC58-62, worktime is 5000HRS;
    b. Two is for cast iron 15Cr1Mo/15Cr3Mo, hardness is HRC62-68, worktime is 8000HRS.
3. Inner diameter 35 - 1,000mm.
4. Four different types: standard type, XY type, L type and iron plate type.