New Rvton floating seal (parts for CAT)

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New Rvton floating seal (parts for CAT)

  • 1. Brand:Rvton
  • 2. Material :steel Gcr15/ 100cr6(1.3505) /E52100 / 534A99/ SUJ2  (Metal ring)
  •              NBR,Viton,silicon,rubber (O-ring)
  • 3. Origin:China
  • 4. OEM&ODM available.
  • 5. temperature:-30C+100C
  • 6. Certification:ISO.
  • 7. hardess 58-62HRC/65-72HRC
  • 8. Monthly production:50000 sets
  • 9. No MOQ
  • Product Details

Floating seal ring

The product also named seal group ,face seal,mechanical face seal or duo cone seal ,it is including  two separated metal seal rings and two O-rings which with suitable packing for domestic and foreign market.

 1.One set=2 metal rings+2 rubber orings

2 metal rings

2 rubber rings

size: 50-1000MM(id)

material: NBR/Viton/Silicone/HNBR

material: fogerd steel or cast iron (Gcr15 &100Cr6)  hardess 58-62HRC/65-72HRC

color: Black/Blue/Red/yellow/Custom


hardness: 60°-65°



2.Precess of raw material :

Forging & casting available .

3.Application :


195-30-00302, 154-30-00831 , 141-30-00616 , 150-27-00017, 207-27-0001, 130-27-00140, 130-27-0001, 14X-27-00101, 150-27-0002, 170-27-00020, 423-33-00020, 17M-27-00101, 287-33-00010, 425-33-00110, 568-33-00016, 209-27-00160, 141-27-00010, 130-27-B0100, 180-27-00021, 175-27-00121,

140-30-00040 , 130-27-00010 , 150-30-00035 , 170-27-00010...


R45P0018D, R45P0018D6, 45P0018D18, R45P00018D9,R45P0018D25,

R45P0018D12, R45P0018D27, R45P0018D13, R45P0018D14, R45P0018D15, R45P0018D16, R45P0018D18, R45P0018D29, R45P0018D21, YN53D00008S023, R45P0018D22, R45P0018D28...


1M8746, 9W7225, 9W7220, 8E5609, 8E 5610, 9W 7232, 2M 2858, 9W 7223, 9W 6649, 1M 8747, 9W 6647, 9W 6648, 6V2733, 9W7233,1M 8746, 2P 3395, 1P 7249, 5P 7147, 3P 0433, 5P 9120, 9W 6645,9W 6666, 5K 1078, 9G 5314, 5M 1176, 9W 6674, 9G 5317, 9W7201...


4283635, 4176379 , 4177260 , 4082631, 4642180,  4110363, ES-110,

4110362, 4153732, 4508193, ES-209, 4114753, 4514259, ES-250, 4179741, 4066695, 4138544, 4350347, 4082698, ES-56, ES-64...


4.About us:

Huangshi Rvton Machinery Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2004,it’s specialized in floating seal over 12 years. Absorbing the Italian advanced technology and attention to independent innovation,our floating seal have been exported to Europe, North America, Oceanie, Southeast Asia, Africa etc., and they have received fairly high evaluation in many countries and district.


1.Are you real factory?

 ·         yes.we are,we have our own factory at pingxiang hubei province china.

2.Is your product very expensive?

·         not exactly,that's depend on the different material and types,in general,the viton type will be expensive than NBR for it's high-performance .

3.Any seal from you need open new mould?

 ·         good question.the answer is no,because we have had some mould,so if you need the product that we have,then no need to open new one,in general,the gasket and o ring need to open new mould,we have most part mould on TC,CR,DKB,IUH,OK SEAL etc.the details please inquiry the service people.                 

4.Can I get free samples from you?

·         yes,the value under 1 USD,we don't charge it,but you should pay the freight to your city.

5.How can i pay you?

·        Normally our customer choose:T/T or Western Union.

Anything kindly contact with Ms Ivy Chan:


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China Rvton floating seal for CAT manufacturer

Rvton floating seal for CAT

Rvton floating seal for CAT 1M8747/9W6647 Rvton Seal is also called floating seal, seal group, Duo cone seal, mechanical face seal, lifetime seal. App...

China Rvton floating oil seal group for Excavator PC200 .part No.:205-30-00052/140-30-00040/140-30-00141/130-27-00020* manufacturer

Rvton floating oil seal group for Excavator PC200 .part No.:205-30-00052/140-30-00040/140-30-00141/130-27-00020*

1.  Product name:Floating Seal
2.  Place of Origin: Rvton,China
3.  Life time:5000H
4.  Material of metal ring: Forge Gcr15 & Alloy cast iron 15Cr3Mo
5.  Hardness:: 60-72HRC
6.  Certification:ISO.
7.  Type: DO ,DF ,XY, Iron plate
8.  Tempreture: -20°C to +100°C
9.  Model Number: various
10. OEM&ODM available.
11. Quality control: 100% inspection before shipment
12. No MOQ