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Factory Add. : Luoqiao Industrial Zone, Lingxiang Town, Huangshi, Hubei, China Office : 1004, Block 5, Yijing Square, No.3 Tianjin Road , Hua...Contact Now
Offer China floating seals 4514259, Crane and Tractor Spare PartsOffer China floating seals 4514259, Crane and Tractor Spare PartsOffer China floating seals 4514259, Crane and Tractor Spare PartsOffer China floating seals 4514259, Crane and Tractor Spare Parts

Offer China floating seals 4514259, Crane and Tractor Spare Parts

  • 1.Lifetime:5000Hours/8000hours
  • 2.Hardness:58-62HRC/62-68HRC
  • 3.Material of Seal:100cr6/Gcr15/E52100/534A99/SUJ2
  • 4.Inner diameter:38mm-1000mm
  • 5.Material of O-Ring:NBR/Viton/Silicone/HNBR
  • 6.Process of Seal:Forging & Casting
  • 7.O-Ring color:Black/Blue/Red/Custom
  • 8.Warranty:18 months after shipment
  • 9.Rubber Ring Hardness:60-65°
Offer China floating seals 4514259 Crane and Tractor Spare Parts   

Product Description
  •      Rvton Seal is also called floating seal, seal group, Duo cone seal, mechanical face seal, lifetime seal
  •      the outer diameter of floating seal is from 35mm-1,000mm. 
  •      The hardness is HRC58-62 , the working face precision within 0.015um.
  •      Flatness up to 0.1um-0.2um ,the lifetime is more than 4,000HRS. 

    Rvton seal group Set are consist of metal rings and rubber o ring       



  •  - The metal rings                                                                                    


    Surface finish / Roughness ≤ Ra0.2μm
    Face finish ≤ Ra0.015μm
    Pressure ≤ 0.3MPa
    Forged/Casting  line speed 2m / s &  3m / s
    Hardness 58 - 62 HRC

     -100 ~ 200 °C


     - The rubber o ring                                                                                 


    Shore hardness 60 ° ~ 65 ° 
    Minimum tensile strength  11MPa
    Minimum elongation at break  300%
    Flexible change  ± 5 °
    permanent deformation ≤ 12%
OEM Service
OEM steel printings could be free of charge                                                         



OEM Codes                                                                                        


195-30-00302, 154-30-00831 , 141-30-00616 , 150-27-00017, 207-27-0001, 130-27-00140, 130-27-0001, 14X-27-00101, 150-27-0002, 170-27-00020, 423-33-00020, 17M-27-00101, 287-33-00010, 425-33-00110, 568-33-00016, 209-27-00160, 141-27-00010, 130-27-B0100, 180-27-00021, 175-27-00121,

140-30-00040 , 130-27-00010 , 150-30-00035 , 170-27-00010...


R45P0018D, R45P0018D6, 45P0018D18, R45P00018D9,R45P0018D25,

R45P0018D12, R45P0018D27, R45P0018D13, R45P0018D14, R45P0018D15, R45P0018D16, R45P0018D18, R45P0018D29, R45P0018D21, YN53D00008S023, R45P0018D22, R45P0018D28...


1M8746, 9W7225, 9W7220, 8E5609, 8E 5610, 9W 7232, 2M 2858, 9W 7223, 9W 6649, 1M 8747, 9W 6647, 9W 6648, 6V2733, 9W7233,1M 8746, 2P 3395, 1P 7249, 5P 7147, 3P 0433, 5P 9120, 9W 6645,9W 6666, 5K 1078, 9G 5314, 5M 1176, 9W 6674, 9G 5317, 9W7201...


4283635, 4176379 , 4177260 , 4082631, 4642180,  4110363, ES-110,

4110362, 4153732, 4508193, ES-209, 4114753, 4514259, ES-250, 4179741, 4066695, 4138544, 4350347, 4082698, ES-56, ES-64...



Packaging & Shipping

Packing : neutral packing, yellow box, white box, and welcome your logo in packing 


-- Farm, construction, earthmoving, coal mining machinery
-- Excavator, Bulldozer, tractor, cranes, forklift, Heavy truck, backhoe

-- Undercarraige, hydraulic motor, travel motor, gearbox axle, wheel hub,tunneling
-- For OEM Komatsu, Caterpillar, Shantui, Sany, Kubota, Kobelco, JCB, Volvo, Hitachi,
   John Deere, Fiat Allis, New Holland, Commins, Terex, BOB-Cat... etc.

Trade Shows

Rvton welcomed many customers during Bauma 2014, it's a valuable experience for us.



Company Information

Huangshi Rvitong Machinery Comapany Limited                                                                     

1. A factory founded in 2004.

2. two production line:

    a. one is for forgeable piece 100Cr6, hardness is HRC58-62, worktime is 5000HRS;

    b. Two is for cast iron 15Cr1Mo/15Cr3Mo, hardness is HRC62-68, worktime is 8000HRS.

3. Inner diameter 35 - 1,000mm.

4. Four different types: standard type, XY type, L type and iron plate type. 



1. Are you a real manufacturer for floating seals ?                                                      

     Rvton is a real manufacturer for floating seals only. We also design floating seals, draw floating seals, assemble and manufacture seals. We accept customer's design, drawing, and samples.

2. As an inland company, how to arrange shipment ?                                                   

    This could be our advantage, as we are located in middle of China, it takes us same times to send goods either to Wuhan, ShanghaiNingbo, Shenzhen, or Xiamen port. We can deliver to most of ports for sea shipments, and arrange express DHL UPS Fedex TNT EMS Freely to Door service.


3. Usually how long it take to finish an order ?                                                            

    3 - 4 weeks for a common order around 1000 sets, and we keep regular stocks for sample order or trial orders, which can supply immediate delivery.



4. Tell us more about your manufacturing process ?                                                     

    The main manufactuer process is listed in following chart, feel free to ask more.

More questions ?? Any request now ?

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Website: www.rvton.com

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