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Rvton good Floating seal for engineering equipment

Rvton good Floating seal for engineering equipment

  • 1,The material of the floating seals is steel 15CR1Mo.
  • 2,Character: high hardness, wear-resisting, anti-dirty ability, corrosion resistant.
  • 3,The lifetime is more than 4000 hours.
  • 4,The hardness is HRC58-62,the working face precision within 0.015um, flatness up to 0.1um-0.2 um
  • 5,Specifications
  • Pressure: 1.0-1.7bar/cm2 (max.)
  • Temperature range:  -100 ~ 200 °C
  • Circumferential speed: 2-3m/ sec (max).
  • 6,The size of the floating seals are various,the inner diameter is from 30-1000mm

Product Description

Rvton Seal is also called floatingseal, seal group, Duo cone seal, mechanical face seal, lifetime seal

Floating seal consists of two identical steel rings and O-rings.


The metal rings:

Surface finish / Roughness

≤ Ra0.2μm

Face finish

≤ Ra0.015μm


≤ 0.3MPa

Forged line speed

2m / s

Casting line speed

3m / s


 -100 ~ 200 °C


Shore hardness

60 ° ~ 65 ° 

Minimum tensile strength 


Minimum elongation at break 


Flexible change 

± 5 °

permanent deformation

≤ 12%


- Simple,reliabledesign
- High sealingeffect against dirt,dust,water and  abrasive media  from the outsideand against  oil and grease from the inside
- Cost-effective
- Long service life
- Self-centering tocompensate for shaft eccentricity or misalignment
- Maintenance-free
- Easy to assemble



a).Completely clearcavity and seal, remove oil, dirt, grease, metal debris such as residue.

b).Only can remove theseal from the packaging before installation, so that we can prevent damage ofgrinding surface.

c).Confirm whether the rubberring close to the metalrings inside of the edge.

d).Installing halfseals into the chamber (rubberring and metal ring), and then check the position of seals, rubber rings mustbe parallel to the bottom of the cavity.

e).After installed thehalf seal, use Lint-free cloth to wipe the two metal surfaces, applied in athin layer on the sealing surface of the film (the internal use of oil), payattention only to lubricate the seal surface.

f).Put on the other half,then check whether it is up to specification.

Remark:Can not able to half is new and anotherhalf is old seal , even the old seal still looks good condition.

 Rvton floating seal has been widely  used in OEM parts of Komatsu,Sumitomo, HITACHI, Kato, Caterpillar, Deawoo, Hyundai, Kobelco, and so on. 

1.Are you real factory?

 ·        yes.we are 15 years manufacturer in Hubei.

2.Is your product very expensive?

·        not exactly,that's depend on the different material and types,ingeneral,the viton type will be expensive than NBR for it'shigh-performance .

3.Any seal from you need open newmould?


·        good question.the answer is no,because wehave had some mould,so if you need the product that we have,then noneed to open new one,in general,the gasket and o ring need to open new mould,wehave most part .the details please inquirythe servicepeople.                 

·        samples made time:   3 -5  days.

4.Can i get free samples from you?

·        yes,the value under 1 USD,we don't charge it,but you shouldpay the freight to your city,once you order from us,this part will pay back toyou.

5.how to deliver thegoods to us?

·        few quantity,we can send to you city door to door,we have ourown cooperation international express.(5-10days)

·        if you have container in the near future,we also can send toyour container by sea.(one month)

·        if you have agent at guangzhou,shanghai etc,we can send to youragent also.      (3-6days)

7.the importent thing,,how's your good's quality?

·        i think the only thingmake factory more and more better will be customers,so we won't make bad goodsto loose our customers,our seal have been export to Europe,asia,middle east,America,except  Force majeure factors like heavy rain,earthquake,no customergive feedback on quality problem.

Our Advantages:

(1)we have the ability to produce any sealing according to your mechanical drawingor sample.


(2)We use the most highly advanced equipment on the market to process rawmaterials.


(3)We are professional manufacturer of china floating seal in China had over 10 years.


(4)Reasonable price and higher quality because we have rich experiece productionworkers and professional engineers and strong raw material purchasing team.


(5)Excellent sale service in time for both before-sale and after-sale by Email, Telephoneand face to face.


Kindly contact Ivy Chan  if there any question:

Huangshi Rviton Machinery Co.,Ltd


Contact Person:Emily

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