Seal 568-33-16 floating manufacturer. Matsumoto coat boat boat

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Seal 568-33-16 floating manufacturer. Matsumoto coat boat boat

  • Product name: 568-33-16 swim seal manufacturer. Matsumoto coat boat boat
  • Material: metal + rubber
  • Metal color: black
  • Metal hardness: 58-62HRC/ 65-72HRC.
  • Rubber: rubber ring nbr and rubber and silicone.
  • Rings, rubber, hardness: 60 °-65 °.
  • Rubber ring color: black, red/silver Yellow/ Blue + various colors.
  • Rubber ring-pulls intensity: ≤ 12% ± 5 °.
  • Working hours: 5000 hours
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Working hours: 5000 hours
  • Product Details

568-33-16 run manufacturer seal. Matsumoto coat boat boat

 1. a metal ring rubber orings 2 + 2 =.


A metal ring 2. Rubber ring 2.
Size: 50-1000MM(id) Material: NBR/rubber/ Silicone/ HNBR
Material: Cast iron or steel (Gcr15 & 100Cr6) hardess Fogerd of 58-62HRC/ 65-72HRC. Color: Black/Silver Blue/ Red/White Yellow/ Custom
Temperature:-30 C + 100 C 
Hardness: 65 °-60 °
Speed: 2 m/s  





2, 4 for reference.







Used for All types of heavy duty machinery brands: bulldozers dig. Tractor final drive motor, motor travel swing Articulations Caterpillar construction vehicle. Construction vehicles and agricultural equipment. Underground mining machinery and tunnel boring
Machinery, construction and mining machinery track rollers Bulldozers and excavators suspension
Various home & land levelers mixers, cranes, mining machinery. 
 Off-highway trucks for mining.ShovelsContinuous minersTesting of longwall Shearers& Wheel.Wet and dry braking-axle heavy trucks, vehicle tracking.Rolling.A rollerGearbox.Cutting head After sale 


Our boat seals, and mining machinery, a cat, Komatsu, Hitachi may be like.MitsubishiDaewoo and Hyundai Sumitomo Kobelco some versions include the following:


Version Volume does not. 
PC200-3 PC200 PC200-5, 6 PC300-7 PC400-5









  215B 215 c,215D E200B,EL200B  

2 m/28585 k-6191/9W7216 / 9W72231 m/87469W7220

  EX200-1 EX200 , EX300 UH 07-5 (UH081)   41103584060222/4110359/4512571











Section is not about seals and box.

External packaging containing plastic bag with cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, pallets box.


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Huangshi machinery co., Rvitong running on a factory seal has been founded in 2004.


Our factory production technology, for many years Italy will absorb and GNL.


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Is needed.


Inner diameter floating coat is longer than 50-1400. Both my factory produces.


Line: hardness HRC58-62 forgeable, worktime, a piece as other 4000HRS.


There are four categories as hardness HRC65-72, worktime, casting: 6000HRS.


L-type and type XY type steel sheet.

Design and test of small quantities to customers welcomed the order we will do our best to do.


Its on-demand service, good reputation and reliability and strong for a long time.



We sincerely welcome you to join us.




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China 20Y-30-13210 Floating Seal For Oil Seal Gearbox manufacturer

20Y-30-13210 Floating Seal For Oil Seal Gearbox

2.New Aftermarket parts
3.Material:Steel 100CR6 + NBR60
4.Metal Hardness:58-62 HRC
5.Rubber Hardness:60-65°
6.Lifetime:3000-5000 hours
7.Warranty:18 months
8.Stock offered
9.Packing:Shrink films + Inner box + standard export carton + wood pallet + wood box