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Events News

Sun Yingsha won the semifinal of women's table tennis singles 4:0
Release on2021-07-29After beating ITO 4-0, Sun yingsha had one word to describe her feelings -- "Good." Sun Yingsha said in an interview with CCTV after the race, "I retu...Read More
The summer season on the tip of the tongue
Release on2021-07-22Dashu is the hottest solar term of the year and the last solar term of summer. So what are the food customs in Dashu? In some places in Guangdong, the...Read More
Huangshi Rviton Machinery Company welcome fresh staff
Release on2021-07-20In order to help new employees better familiar with the corporate culture,An induction training for new staff of Huangshi Rviton Machinery Company wa...Read More
Huangshi Rviton Machinery Company obtained ISO certificate
Release on2021-07-20After the efforts of the company owner, Huangshi Rviton Machinery Co., Ltd. finally passed the international quality system certification again. This ...Read More
Dog days of summer
Release on2021-07-12Since yesterday, we have entered the Futian, which is expected to end on August 19, which will be nearly forty days. After falling into the abundance,...Read More
Rviton's Hopeful Summer
Release on2021-07-09Summer is a more characteristic season, with the beauty of spring, the coolness of autumn, and the purity of winter. Just like the people of Rviton, a...Read More
Slight heat
Release on2021-07-07Only when you have love in your heart can you feel love Only by living downwards can life bloom Slight heat is safe and happy for the rest of my life ...Read More
100 years are just flourishing-the Communist Party of China
Release on2021-07-01In the centuries since the founding of the party, there are many bright moments in the motherland: One Belt One Road, rural revitalization, poverty al...Read More
College Entrance Examination Volunteer Registration
Release on2021-06-30Filling in the volunteers reasonably is of great significance to the candidates, "three points for scores, seven points for volunteers." Volunteers ar...Read More
Father's day 6-20
Release on2021-06-18Father, in our lives, is mostly a marginal role. He often works hard for his family in obscurity, and the main income of the family comes from him. Hi...Read More
Dragon Boat Festival 6-14
Release on2021-06-14This day, we drink rice wine, eat Zongzi, watch the dragon boat race... full wonderful day. Wish all of us in the world are safe, health and happy to...Read More
Jinpincheng Enterprise Strength Merchants
Release on2021-06-11I am very happy that Rviton Machinery Co., Ltd. has once again passed the Jinpincheng Enterprise Certification, and has passed the field evaluation an...Read More
Traditional festival-Dragon Boat Festival
Release on2021-06-10The fifth day of May in the ancient calendar is a traditional festival in my country-Dragon Boat Festival. On the Dragon Boat Festival, it is often to...Read More
College entrance examination
Release on2021-06-08The national college entrance examination officially kicked off in 2021, and the majority of senior high school students entered the examination room ...Read More
Quality system certification in progress
Release on2021-06-02To obtain quality system certification, companies should do a good job in two aspects: one is to establish a sound quality assurance system, and the o...Read More
Release on2021-05-27For those companies who use our photos and videos, hereby we declare: 1, We doesn't authority product photos and videos to any other companies. We wil...Read More
Significance of ISO9001 certification
Release on2021-05-13Implementing the ISO9001 standard and obtaining third-party quality system certification has become a basic condition for enterprises to win the trust...Read More
Rainy season
Release on2021-05-11The rainy season is the most concentrated period of precipitation in southern cities of the year. Everyone must do a good job in preventing mildew and...Read More
Happy Mother’s Day 9th May 2021
Release on2021-05-07Sweet Happy Mother’s Day - Sunday 9th May 2021 How will you thank your sweet mom that day? a bunch of flowers? Maybe a great dilicious dinner made b...Read More
May Day holiday notice
Release on2021-04-28Dear all, According to the Regulation of National Annual Leaves and the company production schedule, the 2021 May day holiday will happen as: 1. The h...Read More