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Events News

Autumnal equinox
Release on2020-09-22After the autumnal equinox, the cold air going south will meet the decayed warm and humid air, bringing us rain after rain. In the autumn season, the ...Read More
Floating oil seal sales season
Release on2020-09-15The Shanghai Bauma Exhibition is held in the machinery industry every year. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic this year, we will hold an onl...Read More
Teachers' Day
Release on2020-09-10The teacher will always remember, and the teacher will never give up. Wish teachers all over the world happy and happy! Happy holidays! Happy forever!...Read More
Sales champion of July
Release on2020-08-28Congratulations to our sales champion of July. I wish Rvton Company better and better and dominate the floating oil seal industry Read More
Discount is coming
Release on2020-08-26The annual gratitude and feedback season is coming soon. We have formulated different preferential policies for long-term customers and new customers ...Read More
Chinese Valentine's Day
Release on2020-08-25The Qixi Festival is a traditional Chinese folk festival. Through historical development, Qixi Festival has been endowed with the beautiful love legen...Read More
Beginning of autumn
Release on2020-08-06The green of the forest is no longer dense Start brewing the main color of the next season It's cool, and the harvest is golden. Look, floating seal i...Read More
great heat
Release on2020-07-22During the great summer season, the degree of heat reaches its peak.  Although the high temperature is extremely hot this season, many areas are also...Read More
June Sales Star
Release on2020-07-21In June, the sales department's floating oil seal set a new high, and two sales stars were born. Congratulations Read More
Beginning of the hottest part of the summer
Release on2020-07-16On the first day of today's rush, the sky is turning to the sky and the sun seems to be on the line to meet the scene, but don't think that the sun wi...Read More
College entrance examination finished
Release on2020-07-09The college entrance examination is a contest with yourself It’s just a test It is not admission letter that changes fate But the one who has been wo...Read More
Continuous heavy rainfall
Release on2020-07-06Heavy rainfall continues, the water level of rivers, lakes and reservoirs continues to rise, and the province's flood control situation is becoming mo...Read More
plum rain season
Release on2020-06-29The rainy season refers to a period of continuous rainy weather in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in my country from mid-June to mi...Read More
Dragon Boat Day is coming
Release on2020-06-24The Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival are also known as the four traditional Chinese festivals. The ...Read More
Promotion Festival is coming
Release on2020-06-19This year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, our offline exhibitions will no longer be held. In order to meet the procurement needs of some...Read More
Hot sale casting floating seal
Release on2020-06-17This month we receive large quanity order of casting floating seals(385*413*23mm,316*347*18.5mm,238*261*31.8mm,226*250*20.5mm,198*220*16mm),these size...Read More
Rvton new edition catalogue in 2020
Release on2020-06-16Due to Rvton enlarge so many new sizes and new types of floating seals, hereby Rvton load new edition Catalogue for floating seal, it includes followi...Read More
Excavator replacement parts floating oil seal
Release on2020-06-10It has been 16 years since the establishment of Rviton Machinery Co., Ltd., a modern enterprise integrating production and sales. We are a professiona...Read More
Children's Day
Release on2020-06-01Childhood is the spring breeze, fresh and warm; childhood is the rising sun, bright and warm; childhood is a beautiful dream, sweet and cheerful; chil...Read More
Resume normal work
Release on2020-05-06After the beautiful May Day holiday, we are back to normal work today. In May, it is quite busy for us, because the floating oil seal allows us to acc...Read More