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Events News

Everyone is bound by a floating oil seal
Release on 2019-12-04Miscellaneous expressions of care for company employees. To create a caring corporate culture, the Rvton company celebrates employees' birthdays every...Read More
Rvton floating oil seal accepts the test of cold wave
Release on 2019-11-25A new round of strong cold air strikes, and the cold warning has been issued in many places across the country. Not only have the rain and snow come t...Read More
Double eleven huge concessions
Release on 2019-11-11The double eleven activities that have been prepared for such a long time have finally arrived. Today is more fulfilling. The company is united and un...Read More
Award of October
Release on 2019-11-07October is over, today our company has awarded those who achived great sucess in October. Macy got the the first prize for the sale of floating oil s...Read More
First frost
Release on 2019-10-24The frost is one of the twenty-four solar terms. The weather is getting cold and the frost is falling. The frost is not frost, but the weather is cold...Read More
Rvton team back to work
Release on 2019-10-08Dear customers, I am sorry to have kept you waiting, the Rvton team has resumed work from the National Day holiday, and now you are free to send inqu...Read More
Rvton's National Day Holiday Notice
Release on 2019-09-29Dear all, According to the national holiday regulations and the company's production schedule, the 2019 National Day holiday will happen as: 1. The Na...Read More
Twenty-four solar terms - autumn equinox
Release on 2019-09-23The autumnal equinox is the fourth solar term in the fall and is the most representative of the autumn weather. In the autumn season, the leaves began...Read More
First Working day after the holiday
Release on 2019-09-16With the pleasant morning bells and the cheerful singing of the birds, we ended the three-day holiday in the cool autumn wind, ushered in the first wo...Read More
Mid-Autumn Festival is coming
Release on 2019-09-12The autumn wind is cool, and the golden laurel is fragrant. In the busy work, we are about to usher in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn...Read More
Grateful teacher
Release on 2019-09-10Everyone’s shining brilliance is embellished by teachers. Numerous youths are passionately guided by their meticulous guidance. Countless dreams come...Read More
Monthly Sales Champion Award
Release on 2019-09-06Rvton hosted the August 20th sales champion awards, congratulations to Nina for winning this championship. I sincerely hope that all the elites in the...Read More
Buy floating seal channels
Release on 2019-09-05Nowadays, floating oil seals have become one of the most important production base components that are indispensable for many enterprises. Because the...Read More
Our poetry and distance
Release on 2019-08-28The wanderer said: The distance is where I was born; the poet said: My thoughts are far away, there are bright fires there, and people tend to have in...Read More
The limit of heat
Release on 2019-08-23When the summer heats down and the heavens and the earth begin to sink ,the&ensp...Read More
A wonderful week has begun
Release on 2019-08-19Unconsciously, the beautiful week starts again, the new week, give yourself a new mood, with full positive energy to live with your heart, work hard! ...Read More
Zhongyuan Festival
Release on 2019-08-15The July 15th of the Lunar Calendar is the "Ghost Festival" commonly known as the "Ghost Festival". I think everyone may be more familiar with "Hallow...Read More
From now on to the future
Release on 2019-08-14What kind of China have you seen? Is it the earth-shaking and shovel of the past 40 years of reform and opening up? Or is the tide of the national ren...Read More
Chinese traditional festival - Qix
Release on 2019-08-07Every year on July 7th of the lunar calendar, that is, Tanabata, this day is the Valentine's Day of our Chinese. This is due to the love story of a be...Read More
Army Day
Release on 2019-08-01On August 1, if there is no such day, the Chinese people still live in the old and hot society. We must celebrate August 1 and commemorate August 1st....Read More