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Floating seals for construction machinery(303)
Floating seals for Agriculture Farm machinery(87)
Floating seals for mining machinery(74)
Caterpillar duo cone seals(339)
Komatsu Seal groups(271)
Goetze mechanical face seals(97)
Trelleborg GNL seals(95)
Hitachi floating seals(102)
heavy duty seals(281)
OEM Design Floating Seals(210)
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Factory Add. : Luoqiao Industrial Zone, Lingxiang Town, Huangshi, Hubei, China Office : 1004, Block 5, Yijing Square, No.3 Tianjin Road , Hua...Contact Now

Events News

Rvton Back to work
Release on 2019-02-13Rvton team back to work Dear Customers, Rvton team have returned to work from Chinese...Read More
Chinese New Year~
Release on 2019-01-16Dear Customers,We will have a long holiday for Chinese New Year. our company will&ens...Read More
New Year greetiing from Rvton customers
Release on 2019-01-11New Tear Greeting from Rvton Customer It's surprise to receive a post from Customer a...Read More
Our new catalog is on processing
Release on 2018-12-28On the previous years, we developed lots of new model floating seal, that our ca...Read More
Happy new year in advance
Release on 2018-12-28The last there days of 2018, wonder if every one is going to have new year'...Read More
The last working days on 2018
Release on 2018-12-26Christmas just passed, most of you may come back for the last working days of&en...Read More
Merry Christmas from Rvton Team
Release on 2018-12-19Merry Christmas Have you started your holiday? Hope you and your family have a better&ensp...Read More
Notice of holidays for Chinese New Year
Release on 2018-12-14Dear ALL, We will have a long holiday for Chinese New Year , STARTS 25TH JANUARY TILL 20TH FEB...Read More
Happy New Year to all of our dear customers
Release on 2018-12-14Dear Customers, 2019 is coming ,may your life be filled with love,good luck , happiness&en...Read More
Happy Christmas ~
Release on 2018-12-14Christmas is coming ,wish you all the best  Wishing you a very happy Christmas ...Read More
We back from Bauma
Release on 2018-12-07We back from Bauma with great success, what a busy Bauma,  Not only win new name card...Read More
See you ! 2018 Bauma
Release on 2018-11-30The last day of Bauma show. :)))) Thanks for the efforts of Rvton team, you are&...Read More
Bauma Show Day 3
Release on 2018-11-29Read More
Bauma Second Day
Release on 2018-11-28Many old faces, so good to have you all here. :))) Will you be the next? K...Read More
Buama First Day
Release on 2018-11-27First Day Keyword: Busy, surprise, and plenty of thanks. :)))) Read More
Buama Day
Release on 2018-11-26We are preparing for the show, exciting!  Different type seals, delicious candies, rich an...Read More
Promotion for Samples in Bauma China 2018
Release on 2018-11-16it is very closer from Bauma China 2018 ,are you ready to start your schedule&en...Read More
RVTON Poster for Bauma Exhibition
Release on 2018-11-07Below are our new poster for 2018 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition. Would you like them? Welcome&...Read More
Happy Diwali
Release on 2018-11-06Diwali is coming! Happy diwali to you and all your family! Read More
Welcome to meeting us at 2018 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition
Release on 2018-11-06Bauma Booth: W4-152Date: 27/11/2018- 30/11/2018Add: Shanghai, ChinaWelcome to meeting you in Sh...Read More