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Products News

Floating Seal National Day Promotions
Release on2021-09-23Tommorrow we will have a National Day Promotions in Alibaba,live time is CST 15:00-17:00PM 24th-Sep,looking forward to our Live broadcasting room,and...Read More
New DF Type floating oil seals
Release on2021-09-09Caterpillar floating seal 148-9595, GNL heavy duty seal CW 5920, GNL 5920, Kalmar mechanical face seal 801904139, 921157.0007, all DF floating oil sea...Read More
Aftermarket caterpillar seal groups on seal
Release on2021-09-06The live broadcast has brought us many new orders. We found that several Caterpillar floating oil seals are selling well recently. Now we recommend th...Read More
Performance test of floating oil seal
Release on2021-07-19From the design and development to the final product, the floating oil seal has to go through many tests, determination and inspections, which can be ...Read More
Excavator model analysis
Release on2021-07-14Excavator model can be roughly divided into three parts, excavator code (number or letter) + tonnage code (number) + series code (number), for example...Read More
Factors affecting the wear of floating oil seal
Release on2021-07-06① The size of the compression force on the sealing end face of the floating seal ring. The axial assembly size of the floating seal seat determines t...Read More
Misunderstandings about floating seals
Release on2021-07-02Floating seal rings are widely used in steam turbines, generators, water pumps and other equipment due to their strong resistance to steam, oil and ch...Read More
Komatsu floating oil seal that received the most inquiries
Release on2021-06-29Komatsu floating oil seal that received the most inquiries Read More
The effect of floating seal clearance
Release on2021-06-25Floating oil seal is a kind of mechanical seal in dynamic seal. It has good sealing performance in harsh working environment such as coal powder, silt...Read More
Structural characteristics of floating seal
Release on2021-06-23Rvton floating oil seal has a wide range of applications, complete types and quality assurance. Floating oil seal is a special type of mechanical seal...Read More
Precautions for installation of floating seal
Release on2021-06-221. Before installing the floating oil seal, check whether the surface of the shaft journal is too rough, whether there are scars, especially whether t...Read More
Technical requirements for floating seal ring
Release on2021-06-211. The flatness of the sealing end surface is not more than 0.0009mm (that is, three monochromatic light interference bands); the roughness of the sea...Read More
Long-term use of floating oil seals
Release on2021-06-17Equipment running in abrasive media such as dust, sand, mud, rock or soil has extremely high requirements on the wear resistance of the sealing system...Read More
Floating oil seal inspection
Release on2021-06-161. The static sealing test of the floating oil seal simulates the working condition that the sealing ring is filled with oil and the sealing surface i...Read More
Coordination of floating seal ring and rubber ring
Release on2021-06-03The floating seal system is composed of two identical floating seal rings and two rubber rings. The actual working principle is that a pair of rubber ...Read More
Wear factors of floating oil seal
Release on2021-06-01① The size of the pressing force of the sealing end face of the floating seal ring The axial assembly size of the floating seal seat determines the s...Read More
Floating oil seal leakage analysis
Release on2021-05-25(1) Impurities and bumps on the sealing end surface of the floating seal ring are the main reasons for the oil leakage of the floating oil seal. Avoid...Read More
Performance requirements for floating oil seals
Release on2021-05-24Floating seal ring is a workpiece with high precision requirements. When using it, it is necessary to extend the service life of the original as much ...Read More
Sealing structure of floating oil seal
Release on2021-05-20The floating oil seal is an end face sealing device composed of two floating metal rings and two rubber O-rings. The end faces of the two floating sea...Read More
Storage environment of floating oil seal
Release on2021-05-18In the natural environment, the erosion of ozone will cause the premature aging of the floating seal. Therefore, the seal must be isolated from ozone ...Read More