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Factory Add. : Luoqiao Industrial Zone, Lingxiang Town, Huangshi, Hubei, China Office : 1004, Block 5, Yijing Square, No.3 Tianjin Road , Hua...Contact Now

Products News

Professional manufacturer of floating seals
Release on 2019-06-24Rvton's a professional Manufacturer for floating seals in Farm, construction, earthmoving, coal mining machinery ,Excavation, bulldozer...Read More
Why does everyone choose Rvton's floating seal?
Release on 2019-06-21Floating seal is a kind of mechanical seal in dynamic seal.It has super sealing ...Read More
Different types of floating seals on sale
Release on 2019-06-12In order to thank the new and old customers for their support,I heard Rvton floating seals are on sale this month. Maybe you can get a good bargain t...Read More
Product Description
Release on 2019-05-13Product Description The pictures below is the main product description of our company's products. Rvton News. :) Huangshi Rviton Machinery Company Dir...Read More
Happy Mother's Day In 2019
Release on 2019-05-09Dear all, Near Mother's Day,how do you want to express your love to your mother? Rvton News. :) Huangshi Rviton Machinery Company Direct line: 86 15...Read More
Fiery May
Release on 2019-05-08Dear all,   May day has passed,and we began a new round of work.At the same time ,there also many Popular types of floating seals for sale...Read More
Popular types of floating seals for sale
Release on 2019-04-29Following popular types of floating seals for sale, welcome to order 1M 8746 90.5 113.6 31.8 1M 8747 73 96.2 31.8 1M 8748 100 123.2 31.8 2M 2858 63.5 ...Read More
Happy Labor's Day!!
Release on 2019-04-25Labor Day is coming! Happy Labor's Day!! Our factory will close from May 1st to ...Read More
Seal Group 9P3663
Release on 2019-04-19Seal Group 9P3663 Our number R0960B mental ring size:106.4/96/7.5mm The NBR oring size :98/4.6mmRead More
761023703 Floating Seal 530 X 560 X 50
Release on 2019-03-29761023703 Floating Seal 530 X 560 X 50Floating Seal 530 X 560 X 50material:forged steel+NBR/ casted iron +siliconprice :based on&...Read More
R0550L Kubota Seals in bulk orders
Release on 2019-03-22R0550L Kubota Seals in bulk orders Very good selling for R0550L face seals, widely used in Kubota&en...Read More
Rvton seal in packing for sea shipment
Release on 2019-03-22Rvton seal in packing for sea shipment See our packing for sea shipment, it's quite safe Read More
New seal groups in March
Release on 2019-03-15This is our new seal groups in March: Part No.:Zd57f30040/Zd58f30040 Model No.:SK200-3 Read More
Rvton sales promotion plan.
Release on 2019-03-14Dear all  Sales Promotion is coming!!! The more you purchase the more you can safe. L...Read More
fast moving hot selling floating seal type
Release on 2019-02-26Here below are fast moving floating seals in the market, if you have interest please be free to contact us. :) 1. R1540 154/168/25.4      5K107...Read More
DF DO mechianical face seals
Release on 2019-02-21Rvton Mechanical Face Seals Rvton mechanical face seals are designed to operate worldwide in harsh environments under extreme stresses from dust, sand...Read More
PC1250-7 209-27-00160 FLOATING SEAL Supplier
Release on 2019-01-18209-27-00160 floating seals refer to RVTON NO.R5380material:forged steel+nbr demension:580*538*62mmexw price :contact below N...Read More
Seal Group 195-30-00870-R1010
Release on 2019-01-17Seal Group 195-30-00870 replacement part RVTON code R1010, Demension:120*101*15.1/ 106.5*9mm Weight :0.55KG  M...Read More
installation process of floating seals
Release on 2019-01-10Precautions during the installation process of floating seals: 1. The floating seal ring is prone to deterioration due to prolonged co...Read More
New year, New seals
Release on 2019-01-042018 past 2019 January comes, a total new year. Hope new business in floating seals with new customers and new visitors Rvton factory always produce s...Read More