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Products News

Floating oil seals work during epidemic
Release on 2020-03-26Floating oil seals are widely used in large construction machinery such as excavators and bulldozers, and play a pivotal role. The new pneumonia epide...Read More
Special floating oil seal in tunnel shield machine
Release on 2020-01-08Floating oil seal is a combination of metal floating ring and rubber seal ring. It is a common accessory. The most common seal materials for shield ma...Read More
Structure and function of floating seal
Release on 2020-01-06Floating seal is used for the rotating components asshown in the area framed by a dash line in Figwhich aremounted on crawler-type construction machin...Read More
Best floating seal for dust and other foreign matter
Release on 2020-01-02Floating seals are simple products, consisting of two components: a seal ring made of special cast iron and a rubber component (O-ring/gasket). In use...Read More
Problems of floating seal
Release on 2019-12-30On the practical use of the floating seal, one of causes forshortening the wear life is clogging of silt and sandgenerated in the space betweenthe sea...Read More
Heavy duty seal types
Release on 2019-12-26Rvton ES100-type floating seal has many excellent features. For instance, itis more air-tight than conventional face seals and also, they are easier t...Read More
What are duo cone seals
Release on 2019-12-25Duo-Cone Seal is a type of mechanical seal, sometimes called a face seal or floating seal. Duo-Cone Mechanical Seals offers the following benefits: Si...Read More
Choosing Floating Seals from Rvton means you are selecting optimal precision and protection
Release on 2019-12-23we are your partner of choice for highly engineered components that possess outstanding corrosion resistance and durability, thanks largely to innovat...Read More
Rvton seal group supplier
Release on 2019-12-19Rvton Machinery is a manufacturer of floating oil seals integrating industry and trade. We have our own factory and our production and R & D team is v...Read More
Guidelines For Duo Cone Seals Installation
Release on 2019-12-18The mechanical surface packing is fitted in the groove of the retaining groove to form a seal on the adjacent surface. The metal surface is precision ...Read More
Newly developed longer-life floating seal
Release on 2019-12-16Machine is always exposed to silt and sand, a seal to be usedfor the parts mounted on the undercarriage requires functionsto prevent internal oil from...Read More
Floating seal -kerosene seal
Release on 2019-12-12The Do-type floating oil seal for coal mining is a combination of two floating seal rings and two O-type rubber seals. The cross section of the rubber...Read More
Rvton floating oil seals certified by ISO
Release on 2019-12-10Heavy Duty Metal Face Seals are sealing systems for heavy construction vehicles and agricultural equipment. The seals are found in the Final Drives, S...Read More
Floating seal is currently the most effective mechanical seal
Release on 2019-12-09Seal group / floating seal was developed as a seal for rollers of construction machinery and vehicles. This seal consists of the O-ring and the floati...Read More
Floating face seals are not Indestructible
Release on 2019-12-05The floating face seal has been designed to survive in some of the most extreme conditions encountered with construction equipment and earth-moving eq...Read More
Key features of floating seals
Release on 2019-12-03Floating Seals Mainly Have The Following Characteristics: 1, with a professional de-weight device to ensure that the floating ring always and the rot...Read More
Duo Cone Seal For Combine Havester
Release on 2019-12-02Duo cone seal is used on the combine harvester,it must endure the extreme conditions.It consists of Orings and floating seats,the sealing performance ...Read More
Two different types of Mechanical Face Seals
Release on 2019-11-28Type FO The most common design of Mechanical Face Seals is the FO design, also called as 'O' Ring design, where 'O' Ring acts as the secondary sealing...Read More
Production process of rvton floating seals
Release on 2019-11-27Floating seal is characterized by two identical metal friction rings stacked on top of each other, and is placed in the center of the groove by two ru...Read More
Type 76.90H/76.97H - floating seal rings with o-ring
Release on 2019-11-26Different operating requirements require different designs. The company's product development and application technology are bundled into one unit to ...Read More