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Products News

Rvton's new products
Release on 2020-05-27Recently received new orders from customers, is a customized product, according to customer's special requirements, we produce personalized floating o...Read More
Powerful advantages of Rvton floating seal
Release on 2020-05-26Floating seal is abbreviated as floating ring seal, which can be used for front idler and rear drive of rollers, gear reduction, crawler vehicles; whe...Read More
Precautions for installing floating oil seal
Release on 2020-05-25The floating oil seal is to prevent the leakage of fluid or solid particles from the adjacent joint surface, and to prevent external impurities (such ...Read More
What kind of floating oil seal do you like?
Release on 2020-05-21Rvton supply both Forge and Cast iron materials, which do you choose for floating seals ? Gcr15/ 100cr6(1.3505) /E52100 / 534A99/ SUJ2 GCr15 is a kind...Read More
Leakage of floating oil seal
Release on 2020-05-201. During the installation of the floating oil seal, the O-ring is not properly installed and is offset, and no equipment is in place. This will cause...Read More
Causes of the leakage of the roller seal
Release on 2020-05-19The roller is an important load-bearing component of the crawler-type construction machinery (commonly referred to as "lower roller"). It consists of ...Read More
The difference between skeleton oil seal and floating oil seal
Release on 2020-05-18There are many types of oil seals at present. The difference between the skeleton oil seal and the floating oil seal is introduced. 1.According to the...Read More
Influence of linear speed on floating oil seal
Release on 2020-05-14The linear velocity can make the contact pressure of the sealing surface of the floating oil seal fit well with the linear velocity of the floating oi...Read More
The birth of the floating oil seal
Release on 2020-05-13The floating oil seal was born in the late 1950s and was originally used to replace the rubber oil seal on the chassis of the bulldozer. The original ...Read More
Common problems in the use of floating oil seals
Release on 2020-05-11Floating oil seal is a kind of mechanical seal that is more common in harsh environments. It has advantages that other oil seals do not have, and it i...Read More
Causes of O-ring damage
Release on 2020-05-091. The friction between the seal and the metal surface causes the seal to wear. Contaminants in oil (especially metal particles). Factors such as too ...Read More
Common design structure of floating oil seal
Release on 2020-05-08Common design structures of floating oil seals are DO type and DF type, as well as other special designs. DO type floating oil seals are the most wide...Read More
Floating oil seals are designed for harsh environments
Release on 2020-05-07Floating oil seal is a metal mechanical seal, originally used to replace the rubber oil seal on the bulldozer chassis. The original rubber seal was da...Read More
Excavator's travel motor floating oil seal
Release on 2020-04-28The structure of the floating oil seal is actually very simple. Two identical steel rings are covered with two identical O-rings. The motor and the re...Read More
Shield machine seals
Release on 2020-04-26With the development of urban construction, the subway has also developed rapidly. Shield machine technology is widely used in subway tunnel projects ...Read More
Floating oil seal of shearer rocker
Release on 2020-04-23The increase in sealing force will cause damage to the lubricating oil film, resulting in increased temperature; the high pressure in the cantilever s...Read More
New company catalog
Release on 2020-04-20The new catalogue, which has been followed for a long time, has been perfectly presented. This time, the content of the catalog is more comprehensive ...Read More
Special floating oil seal design
Release on 2020-04-15The floating oil seal is suitable for the dynamic sealing of the upper end face of the walking parts of the construction machinery and the planetary s...Read More
How to replace the floating oil seal of excavator travel motor
Release on 2020-04-13The floating oil seal is two identical iron rings covered with two identical O-rings, one set on the side of the motor and the reducer. The planes of ...Read More
Hot products in floating seal market
Release on 2020-04-10Rvton is a professional Manufacturer for FLOATING SELAS in Farm, construction, earthmoving, coal mining machinery,excavator, bulldozer, tractor, crane...Read More