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Products News

How to maintain the cooling state of the floating seal
Release on2020-10-29The use of floating oil seals has a significant impact on the operating efficiency of the machine. For this reason, certain technical measures must be...Read More
Use of floating seal ring and rubber ring
Release on2020-10-27The floating seal system is composed of two identical floating seal rings and two rubber rings. The actual working principle is that a pair of rubber ...Read More
Installation method of floating oil seal
Release on2020-10-22To install the floating seal, first clean the equipment and the floating seal seat to ensure that there are no burrs, impurities, oil, etc. The old eq...Read More
Floating oil seal is a kind of floating seal
Release on2020-10-21Floating oil seal is a common name for floating seal, which is a kind of mechanical seal in dynamic seal. It has super sealing performance in harsh wo...Read More
Common problems in the use of floating seals
Release on2020-10-19Floating oil seal is a relatively common mechanical seal in harsh environments. It has advantages that other oil seals do not have, and is favored by ...Read More
Surface requirements of floating oil seals
Release on2020-10-13Floating seal is a workpiece with high precision requirements. When using it, it is necessary to extend the service life of the original as much as po...Read More
High wear resistance floating oil seal ring
Release on2020-10-12Floating oil seal Ring with high wear resistance. A metal wear-resistant layer is sprayed on the upper surface of the body of the oil seal ring, and t...Read More
How to judge the wear of floating seal
Release on2020-09-28Floating seal is a kind of mechanical seal, which is mainly used in various mechanical equipment. It has strong anti-pollution ability, wear resistanc...Read More
Precautions for installation of floating oil seal
Release on2020-09-24In modern industrial production, the operation of many mechanical equipment is inseparable from floating oil seals. Floating oil seals are suitable fo...Read More
Common faults and solutions of floating seal ring
Release on2020-09-23The floating seal ring is an important part of the floating ring sealing device, and forms an oil film with the shaft sleeve to play a sealing role. I...Read More
Assembly of floating oil seal
Release on2020-09-21Floating oil seal is a special mechanical seal. It is a kind of sealing product widely used in the sealing industry. It has strong application ability...Read More
Methods to prolong the service life of floating seal
Release on2020-09-17Floating oil seal manufacturers analyze several methods to extend the service life of floating oil seals from several factors that affect the service ...Read More
How to keep the floating seal during transportation and storage?
Release on2020-09-16Floating oil seal is a component, a very important component of mechanical equipment, and it plays an important role in the sealing performance of mec...Read More
Install the floating oil seal correctly to ensure the sealing effect
Release on2020-09-14Floating oil seal is a commonly used mechanical seal, which can adapt to various harsh working environments and is widely used in various mechanical e...Read More
Factors affecting the selling price of floating seals
Release on2020-09-11As a metal mechanical seal, the floating oil seal is a compact mechanical seal device designed for harsh working environments. It is not only simple i...Read More
How to avoid aggravation of floating oil seal?
Release on2020-09-09Floating oil seal is an important seal on mechanical equipment. Once severe wear or leakage occurs, it will directly affect the normal operation of th...Read More
Is the service life of different types of floating oil seals the same?
Release on2020-09-08Floating oil seal is a common mechanical seal. Due to the different cross-sectional shapes of the floating seal ring, floating oil seals can be divide...Read More
How to detect the floating oil seal?
Release on2020-09-041.The static seal test of floating oil seal simulates that under the condition that the seal ring is full of oil and the sealing surface is under pres...Read More
Floating Seal Materials
Release on2020-09-01The effectiveness of fl oating seals is dependent on the combination of tough materials used in a unique confi guration of the floating seal and the O...Read More
Installation and Maintenance of Floating Seals
Release on2020-08-31Long-term endurance testing on floating sealsdemonstrates that properly installed seals in track rollerapplications provide over 3000 hours of mainten...Read More