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Products News

Safe use of floating seals
Release on 2019-08-21The floating seal is a compact mechanical seal designed for such a harsh working environment. It can prevent the leakage of lubricating oil and preven...Read More
Material and advantages of metal floating ring
Release on 2019-08-20The material of the metal floating seal ring is mainly a high chromium molybdenum alloy, and different performance floating seal rings can be produced...Read More
Maintenance of floating seal of excavator
Release on 2019-08-13In industrial production, when many devices are used, the operator does not notice the precautions in the actual use process, directly affecting the u...Read More
Floating seal life
Release on 2019-08-12Any item has a term and life of use, as does a floating seal. The floating seal will have some chemical reactions on its surface during the work, whic...Read More
The floating seal is the quality guarantee for the normal operation of the machine.
Release on 2019-08-06Lubricating oil is used in every machine because the movement of the machine is the source of friction. Movement and friction are inseparable, so the ...Read More
Oil seal that has to be used
Release on 2019-08-05A mechanical device, which is composed of multiple systems, has a power system, has a control system, and has a transmission system. The components of...Read More
Requirements for the surface of the floating seal ring
Release on 2019-08-02The floating sealing ring is a workpiece with high precision. When using it, it is necessary to extend the service life of the original as much as pos...Read More
Floating seal production process
Release on 2019-07-29At present, the main material of the floating seal is carbon steel represented by steel, cast iron, nickel-chromium alloy cast iron and the like. Appr...Read More
How to judge the wear state of floating seal?
Release on 2019-07-24The floating seal is an important seal on mechanical equipment. As a highly adaptable mechanical seal, it can be well adapted to various harsh wo...Read More
Small accessories big role
Release on 2019-07-18Floating seal is a special type of mechanical seal. It is a compact mechanical seal developed to adapt to the harsh working environment. It has s...Read More
Cooperative Use of Floating Seal Ring and Rubber Ring
Release on 2019-07-17The floating seal system is composed of two identical floating sealing rings and two rubber rings. The actual working principle is that a pair of...Read More
What should we pay attention to when installing floating seal?
Release on 2019-07-16Floating seals are parts that prevent fluid or solid particles from leaking from adjacent joint surfaces and prevent foreign matter from entering the ...Read More
Floating seal application range
Release on 2019-07-11The floating seal is used in the planetary reducer of the walking part of the construction machinery to dynamically seal the end face of the component...Read More
How to store the floating seal
Release on 2019-07-10Because the floating seal is a compact mechanical seal developed to adapt to the harsh working environment, it has the advantages of strong anti-pollu...Read More
Installation methods of floating seal
Release on 2019-07-09Installation Methods 1.With special tools installation: The pressure is directly to the O-ring.As sh...Read More
Floating seal group details
Release on 2019-07-01Floating seal are used in groups,One set =two metal steal +two rubber rings Material:steel Gcr15/15cr3Mo&...Read More
Professional manufacturer of floating seals
Release on 2019-06-24Rvton's a professional Manufacturer for floating seals in Farm, construction, earthmoving, coal mining machinery ,Excavation, bulldozer...Read More
Why does everyone choose Rvton's floating seal?
Release on 2019-06-21Floating seal is a kind of mechanical seal in dynamic seal.It has super sealing ...Read More
Different types of floating seals on sale
Release on 2019-06-12In order to thank the new and old customers for their support,I heard Rvton floating seals are on sale this month. Maybe you can get a good bargain t...Read More
Product Description
Release on 2019-05-13Product Description The pictures below is the main product description of our company's products. Rvton News. :) Huangshi Rviton Machinery Company Dir...Read More