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Good floating seal for bulldozer seriesGood floating seal for bulldozer seriesGood floating seal for bulldozer seriesGood floating seal for bulldozer series

Good floating seal for bulldozer series

  • 1.O-ring coloer :Black/Blue/Red/Customized
  • 2.Mterial:metal steel Gcr15 + Rubber ring
  • 3.Size: inner diameter 38mm - 1000mm
  • 4.Type: standard
  • 5.Package:Inner packing in shrink wrapped plastic bags and boxes, outer packing in cartons and wooden pallets.And can also meet your packing demands.
  • 6.Process of Seal:Forging & Casting
  • 7.Output:50000pcs per month
  • 8.Warranty:18 months after shipment

Floating seal is also called seal groups,face seal,mechanical face seal or duo cone seal ,it is including two separated metal seal rings and two O-rings which with suitable packing for domestic and foreign market.

It is normally have 4 types:

 - The Metal ring


Surface finish / Roughness

≤ Ra0.2μm

Face finish

≤ Ra0.015μm


≤ 0.3MPa

Forged/Casting  line speed

2m / s &  3m / s


58 - 62 HRC


 -100 ~ 200 °C


 - The rubber o ring                                                                                  


Shore hardness

60 ° ~ 65 ° 

Minimum tensile strength 


Minimum elongation at break 


Flexible change 

± 5 °

permanent deformation

≤ 12%

OEM&ODM available :


195-30-00302, 154-30-00831 , 141-30-00616 , 150-27-00017, 207-27-0001, 130-27-00140, 130-27-0001, 14X-27-00101, 150-27-0002, 170-27-00020, 423-33-00020, 17M-27-00101, 287-33-00010, 425-33-00110, 568-33-00016, 209-27-00160, 141-27-00010, 130-27-B0100, 180-27-00021, 175-27-00121,

140-30-00040 , 130-27-00010 , 150-30-00035 , 170-27-00010...


R45P0018D, R45P0018D6, 45P0018D18, R45P00018D9,R45P0018D25,

R45P0018D12, R45P0018D27, R45P0018D13, R45P0018D14, R45P0018D15, R45P0018D16, R45P0018D18, R45P0018D29, R45P0018D21, YN53D00008S023, R45P0018D22, R45P0018D28...


1M8746, 9W7225, 9W7220, 8E5609, 8E 5610, 9W 7232, 2M 2858, 9W 7223, 9W 6649, 1M 8747, 9W 6647, 9W 6648, 6V2733, 9W7233,1M 8746, 2P 3395, 1P 7249, 5P 7147, 3P 0433, 5P 9120, 9W 6645,9W 6666, 5K 1078, 9G 5314, 5M 1176, 9W 6674, 9G 5317, 9W7201...


4283635, 4176379 , 4177260 , 4082631, 4642180,  4110363, ES-110,

4110362, 4153732, 4508193, ES-209, 4114753, 4514259, ES-250, 4179741, 4066695, 4138544, 4350347, 4082698, ES-56, ES-64...

Packing & shipping:

File format we prefer

We prefer to receive IGS and STEP,PDF,CAD  JPG format file for quotation.

About package

We use oversized boxes to eliminate any breakage due to shock and every part is additionally wrapped in bubble wrap or some other protective layer.

About Shippment

Shipments for light parts are via DHL,TNT,UPS, or Fedex etc ,heavy weight and large size is Via Sea. according your requirements.

About the delivery time

Standard lead time is about 7-25 days or according to the projects quantity

We provide both quality product and good service, ensuring an excellent customer experience. We are committed to solve any problem associated with our products. We are looking forward to the opportunity of serving you.



a).Completely clear cavity and seal, remove oil, dirt, grease, metal debris such as residue.

b).Only can remove the seal from the packaging before installation, so that we can prevent damage of grinding surface.

c).Confirm whether the rubber ring close to the metal rings inside of the edge.

d).Installing half seals into the chamber (rubber ring and metal ring), and then check the position of seals, rubber rings must be parallel to the bottom of the cavity.

e).After installed the half seal, use Lint-free cloth to wipe the two metal surfaces, applied in a thin layer on the sealing surface of the film (the internal use of oil), pay attention only to lubricate the seal surface.

f).Put on the other half ,then check whether it is up to specification.

Remark:Can not able to half is new and another half is old seal , even the old seal still looks good condition.

Why our customer chose us :

1.Good quality seal groups with lower price ,but always nice serive since we meet .

2.We are a factory which specialized in floating seal/seal group over 12 years experience.

And our R&D Department still attention to the independent innovation.We always glad

to listen the voice from our customer.

3.We always keep raw materials and popular floating seals in store,so once customer urgent need,

we could sooner send them to help.

4.No MOQ,and once your order quantities is enough,we will offer free wooden case packing.

Thanks for your attention to Rvton floating seal,we are stronger and stronger by the supporting from

our lovely customer.Hope we could get a longtime relationship!

Anything ,feel free contact with Ivy Chan as below way:

Huangshi Rviton Machinery Co.,Ltd


Contact Person:Emily

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