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20 days Holiday Notice

20 days Holiday Notice

Rvton M 2018-02-02 14:57:39
Chinese New year is coming, the boss decideds that next Monday is our last work day, so 20 days holidays will start from Feb 6 - Feb 25, so excited, right ?

However, Rvton team will still be on duty during this weekend, and new inquiries and orders are highly welcomed during holidays,somehow the responses from Rvton sales team will be delayed so if for urgent issues, please do not hesitate make a phone call to your sales executives.

Sales Team:
Macy Cao
Email: floatingseal03@rvton.com
Tel:0086 15387239910

Fay Xu
Email: floatingseal04@rvton.com
Tel:0086 15327878823

Iris Li
Email: cbseal@rvton.com
Tel:0086 15971557538

Dawson Qin
Email sealgroup04@rvton.com

Rvton Team wish you a Happy New Year of 2018