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Cleaning treatment of floating seal

Cleaning treatment of floating seal

Alice 2020-11-25 14:36:33
Floating oil seal is a compact mechanical sealing device designed for harsh working environment. It can prevent the leakage of lubricating oil while preventing external muddy water, sand and other pollutants from entering the equipment. Its structure is simple, resistant to dirt, wear, vibration, movement, swing and impact, reliable in work, long in service life, and convenient in maintenance. Now it has been widely used in various construction machinery and mining machinery.

As a key component of a mechanical seal, the performance of the floating oil seal is the basis for ensuring the operation of the system. Since the application environment of floating oil seals is generally more complicated, a clean closed system can make the floating oil seal work in a better state, so the requirements for cleanliness are higher.

In the initial installation process, the equipment and the floating seal seat must be cleaned, and the system must be free from metal chips, burrs, oil and other impurities. When the floating oil seal is put into use, it is necessary to add a sufficient amount of lubricating oil. If lubricating oil containing detergent is used, the descale effect will be good. In some low speed or swing applications, grease can also be used, try to use mineral-based grease.

For old equipment, first use a scraper to remove dirt and rust on the surface of the floating seal chamber, then clean it with a non-oil-based cleaning agent, and wipe it with a silk cloth or suede. Check whether the floating oil seal is in good condition and clean, and whether the sealing surface is damaged or scratched. If necessary, grinding and repairing is required.

No matter what cleaning method is adopted, the floating oil seal and related contact parts need to be lubricated before being put into use again.