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Different culture of calling

  • Author:Dawson
  • Release on:2017-08-30
I have find something intereting about the rules of make a phone call in different country.and I'm gald to share it to you. you can check it with your country's part if that is correct. and hope it may helps when you need a conversation by phone with your international friends.
  • The USA: mobile always on silent mode on public occation, and speak in low voice in public. ussually, they don't make a call after 9:00 pm
  • Russia: ussually they will not say hello first when they recieve a call,and they are directly ask who is on the other side of the phone. moreover, the signal in some place of Russia were not so great so the caller may move and move for better signal
  • Egypt: Always a warmest regards before they move to topic,and...the greeting may last over 5 munites.and they are concentrate on the conversation. Egypt always not think their phone number is very private information.
  • Brazil: Brazilian think refuse or miss one's call is a kind of very rude thing; they alway speak "ARH,ARH"on the phone to confirm the signal is OK,and weather a stranger or not, they always asked:"who is it" begin the call.
  • France: They think speak loudly is very rude, and they think refuse a call in public pleace is reasonable; usually they refuse talk some thing with private informations on the phone.
  • China: Chinese people could make a phone call in any place, If the call are not hold on, rings for munites and then call again is OK,and they never use a voice mail just perfer to make another call later.
  • India: It is nothing strange if you recieve a phone call after 10:00 pm. and they don't mind hear the rings or call in the library; They perfer a call than a massage.
  • Japan: They think use mobile on the public is not polite. In their family, the phone call always picked by the family leader. And any call during driving or riding is abundent by law.
  • UK: Always best regards at beginning of the call, they hold the call alway between 3th to 6th rings; the most rude thing for a call is speaking while eating.
  • Tailand: They make phone call any place even carry than chinese. and during their working time they have no excause to refuse a call.
  • Italy: They alway begin the call with"Pronto" which means keep the conversation short, I could recieve a call on the meeting, but it's still not very good, It is rude if you reply a voice mail over 30 seconds.