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Excavator model analysis

Excavator model analysis

Alice 2021-07-14 10:01:49
Excavator model can be roughly divided into three parts, excavator code (number or letter) + tonnage code (number) + series code (number), for example, Caterpillar 320D is decomposed into 3+20+D, Komatsu PC200 -8 is decomposed into PC+200+8, Hitachi ZX200-3 is decomposed into ZX+200+3, Doosan DH215LC-7 is decomposed into DH+(215+LC)+7

(1) 3. PC, ZX, DH

This is the first part of the excavator model, which means these machines are excavators. There are many types of construction machinery developed and produced by the Caterpillar Group. For different machines, different numbers are needed to distinguish them. For example, "1" means motor grader, "7" means articulated truck, "8" means bulldozer, " 9" means loader, etc., "3" in Caterpillar means excavator.

For Komatsu, "PC" means excavator, "WA" means loader, and "D" means bulldozer. Similarly, Hitachi’s "ZX", Doosan’s "DH", and Kobelco’s "SK" all mean Excavator's.

(2) 20, 200, 200, 215

The second part of the excavator model, that is, these numbers indicate the tonnage of the excavator. For example, Caterpillar’s ​​20, Komatsu’s 200, and Hitachi’s 200 all indicate that the excavator weighs 20 tons, while Doosan’s 215 means that the weight of the excavator is 21.5 tons.

(3) D, 8, 3, 7

Next, the third part of the excavator model, that is, these letters and numbers. Letters and numbers have different meanings. Carter’s D indicates that the excavator is a Caterpillar D series product, while Komatsu’s 8, Hitachi’s 3, and Doosan’s 7 indicate that these excavators are the eighth, third and third generations of the model. Seven generations of products, indicating the number of upgrades and innovations of this excavator.