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installation process of floating seals

installation process of floating seals

Rvton M 2019-01-10 16:14:36
Precautions during the installation process of floating seals:

1. The floating seal ring is prone to deterioration due to prolonged contact with air, so remove the floating seal when installing. The floating seal is very fragile and should be handled with care. Installation site must be free of soil and dust

2. It is recommended to use the installation tool when installing the floating oil seal into the cavity. O-rings often twist on the floating ring to cause uneven surface pressure to cause premature failure, or the O-ring will be pushed to the bottom of the base to fall off the valley of the floating ring.

3. Floating seals are considered precision parts (especially joint surfaces), so do not use sharp tools to cause permanent damage to the floating oil seal. And the joint surface diameter is very sharp, please wear gloves when moving