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Factory Add. : Luoqiao Industrial Zone, Lingxiang Town, Huangshi, Hubei, China Office : 1004, Block 5, Yijing Square, No.3 Tianjin Road , Hua...Contact Now


Christmas is coming
Release on 2019-12-11Christmas is coming ,wish you and your family all the best in 2020! Have you started your holiday ? Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a prosperou...Read More
Rvton floating oil seals certified by ISO
Release on 2019-12-10Heavy Duty Metal Face Seals are sealing systems for heavy construction vehicles and agricultural equipment. The seals are found in the Final Drives, S...Read More
Floating seal is currently the most effective mechanical seal
Release on 2019-12-09Seal group / floating seal was developed as a seal for rollers of construction machinery and vehicles. This seal consists of the O-ring and the floati...Read More
Floating face seals are not Indestructible
Release on 2019-12-05The floating face seal has been designed to survive in some of the most extreme conditions encountered with construction equipment and earth-moving eq...Read More
Everyone is bound by a floating oil seal
Release on 2019-12-04Miscellaneous expressions of care for company employees. To create a caring corporate culture, the Rvton company celebrates employees' birthdays every...Read More
Key features of floating seals
Release on 2019-12-03Floating Seals Mainly Have The Following Characteristics: 1, with a professional de-weight device to ensure that the floating ring always and the rot...Read More
Duo Cone Seal For Combine Havester
Release on 2019-12-02Duo cone seal is used on the combine harvester,it must endure the extreme conditions.It consists of Orings and floating seats,the sealing performance ...Read More
Two different types of Mechanical Face Seals
Release on 2019-11-28Type FO The most common design of Mechanical Face Seals is the FO design, also called as 'O' Ring design, where 'O' Ring acts as the secondary sealing...Read More
Production process of rvton floating seals
Release on 2019-11-27Floating seal is characterized by two identical metal friction rings stacked on top of each other, and is placed in the center of the groove by two ru...Read More
Type 76.90H/76.97H - floating seal rings with o-ring
Release on 2019-11-26Different operating requirements require different designs. The company's product development and application technology are bundled into one unit to ...Read More
Rvton floating oil seal accepts the test of cold wave
Release on 2019-11-25A new round of strong cold air strikes, and the cold warning has been issued in many places across the country. Not only have the rain and snow come t...Read More
Rvton new product customization
Release on 2019-11-21As the market demand for floating oil seals increases, we will customize the products according to the different requirements of our customers. Custom...Read More
What is a floating seal?
Release on 2019-11-20The floating face seal passes by a few distinct names, including duo cone seal, double cone seal, toric ring, mechanical face seal, or principle seal....Read More
What are the advantages of a floating seal ring?
Release on 2019-11-191.It is not sensitive to the running state of the machine and has stable sealing performance. 2.The floating sealing ring is not easy to wear, the se...Read More
Rvton floating oil seal is popular in the market
Release on 2019-11-18Floating oil seal manufacturers at home and abroad, hundreds of thousands of large and small, Rvton floating oil seal can be based on the industry for...Read More
Floating oil seal in delivery
Release on 2019-11-14The busyness of the double eleven has come to an end, and our floating oil seals have been basically finished and packaged, and they are now being shi...Read More
The effect of floating oil seal on the operating efficiency of mechanical equipment
Release on 2019-11-13For factory enterprises, the operation efficiency of mechanical equipment is very important, and the equipment is highly efficient, which not only can...Read More
Strength makes it easy for us to cope with challenges
Release on 2019-11-12In order to easily cope with the record of the Double Eleven and meet the needs of customers for the use of floating oil seals, the company has expand...Read More
Double eleven huge concessions
Release on 2019-11-11The double eleven activities that have been prepared for such a long time have finally arrived. Today is more fulfilling. The company is united and un...Read More
Award of October
Release on 2019-11-07October is over, today our company has awarded those who achived great sucess in October. Macy got the the first prize for the sale of floating oil s...Read More