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Common faults and solutions of floating seal ring

Common faults and solutions of floating seal ring

Alice 2020-09-23 15:05:15

The floating seal ring is an important part of the floating ring sealing device, and forms an oil film with the shaft sleeve to play a sealing role. In the process of all the floating seal rings, if the floating seal ring fails, how many leakage problems are caused, and different leakage phenomena are different, the causes are different, and solutions should be formulated according to different situations and local conditions.

Common faults and solutions for floating seal rings are as follows:

Fault 1: The closed position of the floating seal ring and the seal is abnormally consistent
Solution: Adjust the limit screws of actuators such as worm gears or electric actuators to make the valve close position correct.
Fault 2: Foreign matter appears in the floating ring sealing device
Solution: Disassemble the floating ring sealing device, clean the inside of the unit structure, and remove foreign objects.
Trouble 3: Sealing gas with liquid or pressure difference does not meet the required value
Solution: Check the mounting plane and bolt pressing force, and tighten them evenly.
Fault four: Floating seal ring quality problem, aging
Solution: Equipped with an excellent floating seal ring and replace it in time.