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Floating oil seal principle

Floating oil seal principle

Rvton-N 2017-02-13 14:02:22

floating seal are commonly used in planetary reducers of part of the construction machinery and are dynamically sealed against the end faces of the parts, and are also used as dynamic seals for the dowel bucket wheel output shafts in recent years due to their high reliability. , Usually by the ferroalloy material floating ring and supporting the nitrile rubber O-ring composition. Floating ring used in pairs, one with the rotating parts of the rotation, a relatively static. Floating oil seal of the principle is: two floating ring by O-shaped The seal is deformed by axial compression to produce a compressive force on the end face of the floating ring seal. With the uniform wear of the sealing end face, the elastic energy stored by the O-ring is gradually released, thus acting as an axial compensation . In the set time to seal the surface to maintain a good fit, the general seal life of more than 4000h.

Floating oil seal is a special type of mechanical seal, is to adapt to the harsh working environment and developed a compact mechanical seal, it has a strong anti-pollution, wear, impact resistance, reliable work, Compensation, simple structure, etc., in the construction machinery products on the most common in a variety of conveyor, sand processing equipment, concrete equipment is also widely used in the current coal machinery is mainly used for scraper conveyor sprocket, slow down Equipment and the shearer of the transmission and rocker, drum, etc. Such seal products in the construction machinery and equipment applications are more common and mature, but in other industries due to the use of less, lack of basic theoretical data and experience, the use of the process Failure phenomenon is more common, it is difficult to achieve the desired results.

Nature: a non-contact seal. Structural features and sealing principle As shown in the figure, the floating ring and the rotating shaft to maintain a certain gap between the free float, but can not rotate with the shaft, can only be radial slip and floating under the action of gravity and shaft The center to maintain a certain eccentric. When the shaft rotation, from the outside of the floating oil seal liquid (often used in oil) in the shaft and the floating ring at the gap between the formation of oil film. Due to the shaft rotation when the role of oil wedge power, so that the oil film to maintain a certain oil film pressure, so that the floating ring can automatically maintain the center of the shaft "center", so that the amount of clearance greatly reduced, effectively achieved on the fluid medium Leaky seal. The advantages of sealing performance is stable, reliable, long life; sealed working parameters range (working pressure up to 30 MPa, operating temperature of -100 ~ 200 ℃); particularly suitable for centrifugal compressor gas medium seal , But also to achieve the atmosphere does not leak, suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic, precious gas medium seal. The disadvantage is that the floating ring processing requirements are high, the need for a special seal oil system; there are more internal leakage, but in essence is still the nature of the internal cycle of leakage, which is a mechanical seal leakage qualitative difference.