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Hot products in floating seal market

Hot products in floating seal market

Alice 2020-04-10 11:34:49

Rvton is aprofessional Manufacturer for FLOATING SELAS in Farm, construction, earthmoving, coal mining machinery,excavator, bulldozer, tractor, cranes, forklift, heavy truck, backhoe,undercarraige, hydraulic motor, travel motor, gearbox axle, wheel hub,tunneling for 15 years in China with ISO certificate.

Our floating seals are hot sale in Market of Italy ,Iran,South Africa,Singopore,Thailand,Egypt ,Sweden.etc.Recently, these products are very popular and very popular for your reference.

Rvton Coad OEM Coad
R2650 VOE14528720
R2830 39Q6-42130
R3180 XKAQ-00219
R3400 170-27-00023
R3660 XKAH01012
R4290 9W 6623
R5080 568-33-00014
R5300 76.90 H-89