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Our poetry and distance

Our poetry and distance

Alice 2019-08-28 14:41:42
The wanderer said: The distance is where I was born; the poet said: My thoughts are far away, there are bright fires there, and people tend to have infinite embarrassment to the distance.

Life is not only in front of you, but also in poetry and distant fields. We came to the world with our bare hands, in order to find the sea, desperate. Real life is inevitably duplicative, or monotonous and boring, or full of pressure. Imagine that although it is beautiful and attractive, but wants to land, it is still inevitable to return to everyday life, rice and oil. For most people, only real life and experience can be realized in real poetry and distance.

There is a quality, it can straighten your spine, even if you bear a thousand miles, you don’t bend over; it can reinforce your perseverance, even if the smoke is invisible, but there is still a distant appearance in his heart; even if he does not see hope, But as long as you work hard, you will slowly approach your dreams!

Poetry and distance are the most beautiful places in our hearts. Everyone should use their own efforts to surprise the time. Life will not be ill-treated by anyone who works hard!