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Significance of ISO9001 certification

Significance of ISO9001 certification

Alice 2021-05-13 14:22:15
Implementing the ISO9001 standard and obtaining third-party quality system certification has become a basic condition for enterprises to win the trust of customers and consumers.

The certification bodies responsible for ISO9001 quality system certification are all authoritative organizations recognized by the national accreditation body, which greatly improves work efficiency and product qualification rate within the enterprise. For the outside of the company, it is believed that the company can provide qualified products or services stably, so that it can safely conclude supply and marketing contracts with the company.

The means of international trade competition are mainly price competition and quality competition. The implementation of ISO9001 international standard quality management can steadily improve product quality and enable enterprises to remain invincible in product quality competition forever.

According to the conventions of international economic cooperation and technical exchanges, both parties must have a common language, unified understanding and common norms in terms of product (including service) quality in order to cooperate and exchange. The ISO9001 quality management system certification just provides this kind of trust, which is conducive to the rapid agreement between the two parties.