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Floating seals for construction machinery(330)
Floating seals for Agriculture Farm machinery(100)
Floating seals for mining machinery(87)
duo cone seals(450)
Kom Seal groups(372)
GZ mechanical face seals(159)
Toric seals(112)
floating oil seals(203)
heavy duty seals(360)
OEM Design Floating Seals(231)
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Factory Add. : Luoqiao Industrial Zone, Lingxiang Town, Huangshi, Hubei, China Office : 1004, Block 5, Yijing Square, No.3 Tianjin Road , Hua...Contact Now

Events News

20 days Holiday Notice
Release on 2018-02-02Chinese New year is coming, the boss decideds that next Monday is our last work day, so 20 days holidays will start from Feb 6 - Feb 25, so excited, r...Read More
春节习俗 Customs of the Spring Festival
Release on 2018-02-01The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival and also the most important one of the whole year. Throu 2 the spring festival is a traditional ...Read More
Chinese New Year Holiday Schedule IN 2018
Release on 2018-01-30Dear Partner, Now it's our turn, long holidays is coming, ohoh .. Holidays off work during Feb 7 - 23 All the inquiries or orders can still be catched...Read More
Snow in China
Release on 2018-01-25There is heavy snow in China,how about your city? Read More
Notice about Transportation
Release on 2018-01-23Hello everyone, Chinese New Year is coming!!! The transportation will stop in Feb. International Express: will stop on Feb.8thDomestic Express Servi...Read More
2018 The Winter Olympics
Release on 2018-01-18Once every four years, the global powers of the world band together in an ongoing diplomatic effort to decide what, exactly, curling is and how it eve...Read More
Welcome back from New Year Day
Release on 2018-01-122 weeks ago most of the clients started the holidays of Christmas and follow is the New Year, family reunion, travelling here and there, so nice and h...Read More
Happy New Year of 2018 from Rvton Team
Release on 2018-01-09To Dearest clients of Rvton, We appreciate your business supports in last year of 2017 and may your life be filled with love, good luck, happiness and...Read More
Happy brithday to Dear MS Zhou
Release on 2017-12-05Special day for our office, also a happiness day, Today is our manager MS Zhou's brithday, we have a small party for celebrate, Thanks to Ms Zhou, she...Read More
Surprise for the coming Christmas Day!
Release on 2017-11-27Time flies, after Thanksgiving day, the last month of 2017 is coming, We are all feeling the passing age...and it is become increasing busy at the las...Read More
Warm wishes at thanksgiving day
Release on 2017-11-24     23th Nov,the warmest day of a year especially for Americans, not about weather, whatever how cold the temperature is, it alway warm in our ...Read More
Automechanika Shanghai 2017
Release on 2017-11-21After the PTC Asia exhibition ended on 3th Nov, another exhibition is following - Automechanika Shanghai 2017. Thanks for our clients who will attend ...Read More
2017 PTC show in Shanghai
Release on 2017-11-08Hello everyone, have you came and enjoy the 2017 PTC show in shanghai? I think many of you must be there, and our company aslo have team there, maybe ...Read More
China 19th National people's congress is ending
Release on 2017-10-27Congratulations! our National people's congress have been ended successful this week, we are hoping in the new period, the Leader of our country will ...Read More
Russian improve its custom efficiency
Release on 2017-10-19Since the end of september, Russian's gaverment promise they will reduce the time of Russian Custom clearance. Previously, Russian Custom is one of th...Read More
The Top 50 Logistical orgnization
Release on 2017-10-17Recently,The US logistic reseach & information orgnizition Armstrong & Associates produce a Chart to show the Top 50 logistical orgnization. let meet ...Read More
The 19th commnuist party of China is coming
Release on 2017-10-13Dear friend, our country's 19th commnuist party of China will begin at 18th Oct.The meeting will last to the end of Oct.It is the greatest event of Ch...Read More
China disrupts WhatsApp ahead of Communist Party meeting
Release on 2017-09-26Dear customers, please know that the Whats app have been disrupted, please use other way to contact us. The messaging service WhatsApp has been disrup...Read More
Nation Day's holiday is coming soon
Release on 2017-09-22The 1st October, The National Day of our country is coming soon, and we'll welcome one of our longest annual holiday. this break be begin with 1st Oct...Read More
earthquake hit Mexico
Release on 2017-09-20A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing more than 130 people and toppling dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City. Rescuers are...Read More