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Floating Seals, Duo Cone Seal Installation

  • Author:Rvton F
  • Source:Google
  • Release on:2016-08-25
There are some installation method recommeded here for floating seal users. 

Methord 1: 

1. Using specialized tools installation: The pressure will apply to the O-ring directly. As shown, the special tool is mounted between the metal floating ring and the rubber ring, toward the seat hole, the rubber ring is evenly pressed into the hole.

2. Other installation methods: One auxiliary O-ring is fixed between the conical ring surface of the floating oil seal and sealing O-ring (as shown). The ring of the floating oil seal is applied uniformly by pressure and the auxiliary O-ring braces the sealing O-ring to ensure the other correct mounting positions.

floating seals install
            FIGURE 1                               FIGURE 2

Methord 2: 


Methord 3: 

duo cone floating seal installduo cone floating seal install

duo cone floating seal installduo cone floating seal install

Methord 4: 

1, Now prepare the floating seal for install. Always work with seal on a clean cloth and keep work equipment and area as clean and dirt/dust free as possible. 

2, Find some automotive type insulated wire that will fit snug in the groove between the toric ring and the underside of the seal ring face. I happened to find some 12 GA insulated wire that worked perfect. It can't be a loose fit or it will allow the toric ring to walk up the ramp of the seal ring, and it can't be too tight or it will push the toric off of the seal ring, you just need a good snug fit. 

3, Work the wire around the circumference of the seal, just be careful with your fingers around the steel seal surface. Although the edge of the seal ring isn't sharp as a knife, it's plenty sharp enough to put a nasty cut on a fingertip. 

4,Then join some zip ties together and gently zip them down centered on the wire to hold wire in place. You don't have to pull them excessively tight, just snug enough to hold wire in the groove. 

floating seals install

5, Although it's recommended to install the seal dry, no oil or grease on the surfaces, installing the seal dry creates a lot of friction working against you. I typically use spray silicone lubricant as it leaves a dry lubricating film. Others use lubricants such as WD-40 as it's a thin film lube that evaporates the liquid as well, and even dry talcum powder will do the trick. Flip the seal ring over so the toric ring is on top, spray the toric ring and the housing ring that the seal fits into with the spray silicone. 

6, Place the seal squarely on the housing, use gentle even pushing pressure, pushing seal straight into the housing. After enough pressure is applied it will pop in place. 

7, Once seal has popped in, remove the zip ties and the electrical wire. 

8, Keep in mind we're doing this by hand, chances are when toric ring popped in that the seal isn't perfectly aligned with the housing. Note on the right that the seal is in a bit farther than the left side of pic. We can work with a little misalignment, but if it's way off, pull seal out and repeat process. 

floating seals install

9, On the right side you can see a gap between the toric ring and the lip of the housing indicating toric is installed deeper in housing. 

10, On the left side, no gap between toric ring and housing at all. We need to get the toric ring even all the way around the housing. 

11, Using a dull flat screwdriver, place blade of screwdriver flat on the high spots of toric ring. Gently push toric ring with blade while working your way around the toric ring. Don't try to bury the toric, just light pushing pressure pushing it inward. Work your way around the toric ring until the gap between toric ring and housing lip is equal all the way aroun
d, and that gap should be very little, no gap at all is prefered. 

12, That has this half ready for assembly. Once you get both halves of the unit ready, make sure there is no dirt or dust on seal surface and give seal surfaces a very light coat of oil before mating the assemblies. And above all, make sure you keep the face of the seal clean and free of any dirt/grit when mating the cone seal halves. 
duo cone floating seals install

Methord 5: 

Poweful installation video. 
duo cone floating seal install

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