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Floating seal life

Floating seal life

Alice 2019-08-12 11:30:31
Any item has a term and life of use, as does a floating seal. The floating seal will have some chemical reactions on its surface during the work, which is mainly characterized by the wear resistance of the tool surface and the elastoplasticity inside the floatingseal ring. Since the surface temperature requirement of the floating oil seal ring cannot be lower than the standard temperature, heat treatment such as quenching and tempering is required for theforgingseal ring.

There is a layer of carburizing structure on the surface of the floatingseal ring, so the selection of heating temperature is an important problem. The heated oil seal ring will produce uniform austenite, which will increase the wear resistance, followed by the grinding stone on the surface of the oil seal ring. To increase accuracy and finish. If there are scratches and polishing, it will affect the life of the oil seal ring. Therefore, the correct and proper material should be selected for the surface treatment of the oil seal ring to ensure the life of the oil seal ring.

The floating seal ring must pay attention to the following items during installation and shutdown. When the floating oil seal is started, it should be ensured that the sealing chamber is filled with lubricating liquid to ensure that the medium is heated and melted by steam during transportation. Before use, the step of turning the cart is essential to prevent the start-up. The soft ring suddenly broke.
After the heat pump is stopped, it cannot stop cooling immediately. In particular, the cooling water sealed in the oil chamber and the end face should be kept for a period of time. When the temperature gradually drops below 80 degrees Celsius, the cooling can be stopped. Otherwise, it will stop. Causes damage to the sealed parts.

Rvton's floating seals have a service life of more than 5,000 hours, and our oil seals are known in the industry. Welcome to consult!