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The latest release - New favorite of Transformers Season 5

The latest release - New favorite of Transformers Season 5

Rvton M 2016-05-19 16:33:21
How to create a better future of the World Without the Energy ?

How can Optimus Prime catch time to meet with us in 2016 ?

Do not worry, Rvton's super seal rings can solve the leakage and Energy shortage... and other incurable diseases of robots,

Hi Partners, come on!

Huangshi Rviton Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sales of Floating Duo Cone Seals for 13 years.

2- At present we have 2 types of production technology and manufacturing system: Forge Steel and Cast Iron, which can fulfill the Different requirements in mainframe market and aftermarket market.

3- We have 5 production lines. The diameter of Seal rings we produce is within range Φ45 - Φ1,000mm. Till now we manufacture more than 500 dimensions, Our seals have reached the certification of ISO9001 & ISO14001.

4- Rvton floating seals are widely applied into engineering machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, stirring machinery, transmission machinery, heavy vehicles, etc.

5- OEM and ODM are our special services, We can also provide Custom packing, and design according to customers’ requirement. 

6- We have established our own brand "Rvton" –Rvton means Prosperity is full of the universe and all over the world.

7- We have a professional R & D department, production team, experienced sales team, and improved management system. At present our seals have been sold to more than 50 countries and we have provided after sales service for those customers for many years, the numbers of customers are still growing.

8- Our expection: work with you to build a beautiful homeland together!

9- Our value: Integrity / Practice / Diligent / Thanksgiving