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Beginning of autumn
Release on 2020-08-06The green of the forest is no longer dense Start brewing the main color of the next season It's cool, and the harvest is golden. Look, floating seal i...Read More
Floating oil seal installation methods
Release on 2020-08-051 Using specialized tools installation: The pressure will apply to the O-ring directly. As shown, the special tool is mounted between the metal floati...Read More
Floating Seals Are Not Indestructible
Release on 2020-08-04The floating face seal has been designed to survive in some of the most extreme conditions encountered with construction equipment and earth-moving eq...Read More
High wear resistance floating oil seals
Release on 2020-08-03The floating oil seal ring with high wear resistance, including the oil seal ring body and the groove opened on the oil seal ring body for accommodati...Read More
Roundness test of floating seal
Release on 2020-07-31The roundness measurement methods mainly include the rotary axis method, the three-point method, the two-point method, the projection method and the c...Read More
Hardness test of floating seal
Release on 2020-07-30Floating oil seal sealing surface hardness test: The hardness of the sealing surface can be tested by Rockwell hardness. Three points are measured alo...Read More
Advantages and disadvantages of floating seal ring
Release on 2020-07-27Advantage: 1. The floating seal ring is a non-contact seal with long service life and high reliability. 2. The floating seal ring is not sensitive to ...Read More
Working principle of floating seal
Release on 2020-07-23The floating seal goes by a several different names, including duo-cone seal, dual-cone seal, toric ring, mechanical face seal, or main seal. The asse...Read More
great heat
Release on 2020-07-22During the great summer season, the degree of heat reaches its peak.  Although the high temperature is extremely hot this season, many areas are also...Read More
June Sales Star
Release on 2020-07-21In June, the sales department's floating oil seal set a new high, and two sales stars were born. Congratulations Read More
Design standard requirements for floating oil seals
Release on 2020-07-201. The basic dimensions of floating oil seals must (except for oil seal customization) comply with the nominal outer diameter, small end outer diamete...Read More
Different types of floating seal service life
Release on 2020-07-17Floating oil seal is a common mechanical seal. Due to the different shape of the cross section of the floating seal ring, the floating oil seal can be...Read More
Beginning of the hottest part of the summer
Release on 2020-07-16On the first day of today's rush, the sky is turning to the sky and the sun seems to be on the line to meet the scene, but don't think that the sun wi...Read More
How to deal with oil leakage of floating oil seal
Release on 2020-07-151. Master and recognize the basic knowledge of fake and inferior products, and purchase high-quality and standard oil seals. 2. During installation, i...Read More
Composition of floating oil seal
Release on 2020-07-13Floating seal ring Because the basic structure of cast iron is mostly sorbite pearlite or finer flake pearlite, the structure is relatively loose, it ...Read More
College entrance examination finished
Release on 2020-07-09The college entrance examination is a contest with yourself It’s just a test It is not admission letter that changes fate But the one who has been wo...Read More
How to store the floating seal will not be invalid?
Release on 2020-07-08Because the floating oil seal is a compact mechanical seal developed to adapt to the harsh working environment, it has the advantages of strong anti-p...Read More
Continuous heavy rainfall
Release on 2020-07-06Heavy rainfall continues, the water level of rivers, lakes and reservoirs continues to rise, and the province's flood control situation is becoming mo...Read More
Floating oil seal customization
Release on 2020-07-02Rvton floating oil seals are complete in types, including standard type, L type, XY type, and iron plate type, and can be customized, processed and pr...Read More
The state of the floating oil seal is maintained
Release on 2020-06-30Maintaining the use state of the floating oil seal has a significant impact on the operating efficiency of the machine, and maintaining the cooling st...Read More