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Installation and Maintenance of Floating Seals

Installation and Maintenance of Floating Seals

Alice 2020-08-31 14:28:27
Long-term endurance testing on floating seals demonstrates that properly installed seals in track roller applications provide over 3000 hours of maintenancefree performance without the need for oil replenishment. Correct installation of the seal is critical to long service life. If at any time the assembly housing or floating seal is disassembled, a new seal should be installed before reassembly and use of equipment. Failure to do so may result in oil leakage and a shortened seal life.

Step One: Besure that the installation opening of the housing is clean and clear of burrs, scratches, and dust. The O-ring must be correctly fitted on the floating seal without distortion

Step Two: Install the fl oating seal with the properly fitted O-ring in the housing (Diagram 2). At this time, confirmthat the end of the housing (Ain the diagrams) will be parallel to the sliding surface of the floating seat (B). If the seal comes out of alignment, even partially (Diagram 3),abnormal wear and deformation of the O-ring will result, shortening the service life of the seal.

Step Three: After insertion, make sure that the sliding surfaces areabsolutely free of foreign matter, then lightly apply lubricant oil to the sliding surfaces. Upon completion of the seal installation, reassemble the housings and fill with lubricating oil.

When properly installed, the two mated metal surfaces seal against each other for maximum sealing. A thin film of lubrication between the surfaces minimizes wear. The O-ring energizers provide pressure to ensure positive sealing.