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Precautions for installing floating oil seal

Precautions for installing floating oil seal

Alice 2020-05-25 10:35:17
The floating oil seal is to prevent the leakage of fluid or solid particles from the adjacent joint surface, and to prevent external impurities (such as dust and moisture, etc.) from intruding into the internal parts of the machine.

1. Before installing the floating oil seal, you can check whether the surface of the journal is too rough and whether there are any scratches, especially if there are long scratches along the axial direction. If the surface of the journal is too rough, it is easy to damage the oil seal and destroy its sealing performance. If the surface of the journal is improperly disassembled, resulting in more serious blunt impact scars, the lip of the oil seal and the surface of the journal will not fit tightly, causing oil leakage. If the journal has only metal burrs or shaft burrs, etc., it can be smoothed with a file to prevent damage to the lips of the oil seal when installing the oil seal.

2. Check the lip of the oil seal for breaks, cracks, or oily corrosion. If these undesirable phenomena occur, a new oil seal should be replaced.

3. In order to prevent the floating oil seal lip from being damaged by stretching or scratching, a special installation tool is used. If you don't have this tool, you can first roll a layer of transparent hardplastic film on the journal and even the head of the shaft, apply a little oil to the surface, put the oil seal into the shaft head wrapped with plastic film, and evenly apply force Push it slowly to the journal, and then pull out the plastic film.

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