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What are the common faults of floating seals?

What are the common faults of floating seals?

Alice 2019-10-31 10:50:40
The application of the floating seal ring in production is particularly extensive. When using this product, most of the problems are caused by leakage. Different leaks and solutions are definitely different.

In the first case, there is no normal fit between the product and the sealing part. At this time, we need to adjust the turbine or electric actuator to achieve the valve closing in the correct place.

In the second case, there is something between the floating seal ring and the sealing member. Generally, these things need to be removed, and only the internal cavity of the valve needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

The third case is that the flange bolts equipped with the outlet are not evenly loaded or pressed. At this time, the assembly plane and the bolt pressing force should be checked, and it is necessary to ensure uniform compression.

The fourth situation is that when the machine is running, it is found that the gasket above and below the circle of the floating seal ring has failed. At this time, the pressure circle of the valve is removed, and a new sealed circle and a lost effect gasket can be replaced.