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Exchange floating seals of excavators

Exchange floating seals of excavators

Rvton M 2016-04-19 12:29:24
   Replace the oil seal engineering machinery repair and routine maintenance of a very important work, but because too many replacement parts required during disassembly, operation is very complicated, if the method is not correct or does not remember the simplicity of disassembly sequence forThe future use of machinery and spare parts to restore the installation will lay hidden curse. Many users are asking all kinds of questions about various encounters when replacing seals, but also enthusiastic and experienced networkFriends summarize the procedures and precautions when replacement seal.
Today, the editors of these made it very detailed, illustrated posts sorted out, so that new people need to replace the oil seal has a reference.

1, the central rotary joint seal replacement
(1) First Remove the screw associated therewith, and then lift hydraulic car holding the small frame under the gearbox, and it rotates a certain angle, then dropped a small truck frame and the lower side of the transmission case dragged.
(2) with a broken oil return pipe closure (in order to avoid a large amount of hydraulic oil flowing out of the core along the central rotary joint when pulled out of the core). Unscrew with 4 fixing screws on the oil pan.
(3) on either side of the chest hanging on hooks on both sides of the core relative to said two tubing joints; then jack against the vertical drive shaft, up jack while the core can be pulled out, you can replace it on a seal.
(4) with a top cover holding the central rotary joint core, then 1.5t jacks will push the core back into place, other parts installed in reverse order to disassembly of the complex.
The whole process only single job (also co-operation), without removing any oil pipe. Hydraulic lift small cars available horizontal jack frame modifications, or existing small frame vehicle, and is available off the oil catches fire fill plastic alternative,Rally can be made, which is mainly composed by a bottom plate and adjustable chains, coupled with the jack to complete. The entire job no other auxiliary equipment, the use of the tool is very simple, especially in the field for a quick repair.
2, the boom cylinder seal replacement
Boom cylinder heavy oil, oil seal replacement as its conditional maintenance workshop, is able to complete in a short time, but in the wild, neither lifting equipment is single job is quite difficult . I just summarize methodsA chain hoists, ranging from the length of the rope four, plus other tools can be completed. Specific steps are:
(1) First, the excavator parked, will stick close in the end, drop the boom, bucket closed flat to the ground.
(2) the wire rope on the boom and the short wire rope in the upper end of the boom cylinder, hand pull hoist hooks on both ends of the two hook wire rope, and then tighten the chains.
(3) remove the pin movable boom cylinder rod head, remove the inlet and outlet tubing, the boom cylinder on the platform.
(4) Remove the movable retainer, the card key on the boom cylinder, stuffed with rubber strips in the slot at the height of the boom cylinder flush arm arm and boom cylinder rod pin hole put appropriate wire rope, chain hoists are connected, then tighten the chains, you can pull out the piston rod.
(5) Replace the oil seal, and then in the reverse order when removing refitted. If three people collaborate, just about 10 minutes to complete.
       The job is to change the side walk seal (some say called floating seal, some called mirror grinding seal), before demolition ready hex wrench a full good, sledgehammer and so on. The first step in the butter let go, to drive the chain jointsThe following round, then put a link pin to break out, turn up the chain so that the drive gear is fully exposed. You can use a long chain urging lever in here and then let the chain urging lever by pushing the bucket gear exposed.

The first lap of the Allen screw 14 hit song, because it can also move the drive wheel, or the following screw is difficult to split, play loose top, and then from the top side, the rotating wheels do not turn to play loose a good place to play. Just play loose, do not twist out!

He removed the cover you can see the inside of the gear, which is a gear. First remove the middle of the small sun gear, and then the three gear about a couple of shakes can win come. Demolition of a gear can be put outside that circle to twist out of the hex, remove the shell!

This is three gears, a bit difficult, four small gears, first with the snap ring pliers snap ring out, and then put out the axle pin in the hole in the middle with snap ring pliers to pull, it is best to have a personal help lifting gear to the above point, it is easy to come to. The four are successively remove!

Then you can split a large nut, there are six small Allen, Allen must take to come out within six twisted loose part, and then to remove the large nut. Or they'll yarn path to ruin, as in big trouble.

Because construction on two people, carrying no less afraid Qiaoxia will direct bearing to ruin, we bought a bucket tune with wire tied down! Here you can say that was gone! Alice now is to seal off and put a new one.

   Floating oil-for-digging machine without playing  way, it is the drive gear bolt removed, from the inside out with a crowbar to pry it out, so that the pin will be activity after playing track. When installed back rotation plus a driver traveling on the same subject, Is to pay attention to the track with a thick stick pick through the upper pulley bracket, or will block the track. Minimum experience: First, when Wang Chu pry around after unloading light bolt should walk out of the car and let loose ring and the housing, the second is not to make it too machineHigh, the lower track guards just left the track the best, of course, the tension cylinder butter to let go, in order to increase the length of the track. If you do not help, you can track when the decentralization of two steel rollers to reduce friction with the ground, nonOften easy, if thick stick long enough, enough flat ground, a young man to get.