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How to judge the wear of floating seal

How to judge the wear of floating seal

Alice 2020-09-28 11:11:55
Floating seal is a kind of mechanical seal, which is mainly used in various mechanical equipment. It has strong anti-pollution ability, wear resistance, impact resistance and reliable operation. As a seal, it is inevitable that there will be wear problems during use. The method of measuring the degree of wear of the floating oil seal is not complicated, and the wear of different materials of the floating seal is different, and the judgment method is alsodifferent.

When the alloy floating oil seal is in use, you can check whether the floating oil seal can continue to be used according to the position of the observation contact zone. Experienced workers can also estimate the remaining life of the floating oil seal. If the floating oil seal is greater than half of the distance, it can still be used, otherwise it should be replaced in time.

The cast iron floating oil seal can automatically compensate for normal wear during use. The width of the sealing surface is between 0.5-1 mm. If wear occurs, the contact belt will move to the inner diameter and move slightly. A spherical surface is worn out.

During use, if the floating oil seal is severely worn, it will affect the normal operation of the mechanical equipment, so when it is found to be severely worn, it must be adjusted or replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.