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Influence of floating oil seal clearance

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2020-11-12
Floating oil seal is a kind of mechanical seal in dynamic seal. It has good sealing performance in harsh working environment such as coal powder, silt, moisture, etc. It is a compact mechanical seal. Because of its simple structure, vibration resistance, wear resistance (automatic compensation after end face wear), stable and reliable sealing performance, and a wide range of sealing working parameters (working pressure is 30 MPa, working temperature is -100 ~ 200 ℃), use Long life and easy maintenance are mainly used in low-speed and heavy-duty situations.

For floating oil seals, although their quality is very good, they will inevitably suffer from various wear and damage after a long time of use. Therefore, in addition to reasonable maintenance, master the correct use method and understand the relevant technical parameters. The influence of the oil seal is very important.

The use of floating oil seals needs to pay attention to some clearance issues. For example, the installation clearance A of most designs of type A floating oil seals requires 3±0.5mm. This installation gap size can determine the position of the floating seal ring and the compression of the O-ring, which is the axial load.

The clean closed system can make the floating oil seal work in a better condition. The installation cavity of the floating oil seal should be designed with at least 1/10 of the space gap as the compensation space for the thermal expansion of the floating oil seal rubber ring. Make sure that there are no impurities such as metal chips and dirt in the system.

In addition, the bearing clearance must be adjusted. Because the increase in bearing clearance will aggravate the wear of seals and bearings. When the gap is enlarged, the fit between the bearing and the floating oil seal will not be tight, which will increase the possibility of external debris entering between the sealing surfaces, which in turn will increase the wear of the sealing surface. Such a vicious circle will cause the floating oil seal to suffer Damage and seal failure.