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Cooperative Use of Floating Seal Ring and Rubber Ring

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2019-07-17
The floating seal system is composed of two identical floating sealing rings and two rubber rings. The actual working principle is that a pair of rubber rings form a closed space with the cavity under the support of the floating sealing ring, but different shaft contacts. The two ground surfaces of the floating seal ring are tightly fitted and relatively sliding when rotating, and one aspect of the floating oil seal ensures good operation, and on the other hand, effectively blocks external dust, sludge, etc., thereby protecting the interior. Grease does not leak.

A rubber ring having a circular cross section is mounted on the tapered surface between the floating sealing ring and the floating sealing seat, and the rubber ring is deformed by axial compression in the sealing cavity formed by the floating sealing seat under the preloading force. , plays a role in sealing. Including O-rings, X-rings, Y-rings, J-shaped and L-shaped seals.

The tapered gap inside the floating seal ring facilitates the entry of lubricating oil into the sealing surface. The lubricating oil enters the sealing gap by the action of capillary action, centrifugal action during rotation and the increase of internal pressure after the temperature rise in the sealed chamber, forming a thin oil film, thereby achieving sealing, lubrication and cooling, and avoiding two floats. The rubber ring is deformed and loses elasticity due to excessive wear and wear of the sealing ring end face. When the bright band of the floating seal ring is worn, the elasticity of the rubber ring can also play a certain automatic compensation.

Floating seals are often used in mechanical seals, while construction machinery often operates in environments with large sediments and dust. External sediments, dust, etc. invade the interior from the gap between the two float seals, and the knots are in the float seals and float. Sealing ring and rubber ring. The rubber ring is squeezed out for a long time, and the contaminants are repeatedly squeezed to penetrate the seal.